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A steampunk challenge!

October 2010 – October 2011, one steampunk book a month, read and discuss! Sound like fun?  Let’s do it!

Click the “steampunk challenge” button in my sidebar for more info, or go here.

As for the Typically British Reading Challenge (also in the sidebar)–I knocked that one out of the park but need to update it with details.

So… next up to bat?


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Carriger returns (and will return again)!

I did tell you how much I loved Soulless.

Well, book two, Changeless , has arrived (on my Kindle, on April 8, like magic–because I’d pre-ordered so saw it appear before my very eyes when turned on the “library” and went squee!).

But they are already promoting book three, Blameless (September 1, 2010),and whether or not you intend to read the books, you will probably find this fascinating.

This is a fun romp of a steampunk series.  Everything is so veddy, veddy Victorian, with vampires who would never, ever suck your blood without a proper introduction and permission.  No, really! And werewolves who tend to be a little rougher around the edges, but are charming, for all that.

I’m enjoying the proper heck out if it.

I haven’t finished Changeless.  But the first chapter reassured me that yes, there is still some hunt in this dog, with a new character introduced (and what an introduction) who promises many more hours of story fun, continued banter and politely expressed sexual innuendo (you read these books for the wit, not the sex), still the same strong characters.

It was worth the wait (which really wasn’t all that long).

And here is my review of Blameless!


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Update on the Typically British Reading Challenge 2010

If you look in the left sidebar you will note that I have read  four books by British authors so far.  Other than the first, I seem to be leaning toward period mysteries right now.  Marion Chesney’s are early 20th Century, and Ariana Franklin’s are during the reign of Henry II, who (along with Eleanor of Aquitaine) makes very effective cameo appearances.

The fact that there are only four in the sidebar is a little surprising to me, because I assumed it would be much higher than that.  I’ve listened to six other books that are set in England and have read five other British books, but it appears they were actually written by Americans.

I have achieved the second level:

• “Put The Kettle On” – Read 2 Typically British novels.
• “Gordon Bennett” – Read 4 Typically British novels.
Up next–“Bob’s Your Uncle!”

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What I’m Reading Now

Well, lots of stuff, mostly research for the novel.

But I’m also reading Flesh and Fire: Book One of The Vineart War.

flesh and fire


When I preach, I remind myself that the Collegium was created for one purpose: that the world not forget Sin Washer, and how–and why–He came to us.

And thus begins the prologue in which the world is revealed, a world where Vinearts have the responsibility of tending the magical grapes and making the wine-blood that was created by Sin Washer’s blood.

Magic and wine-making, a compelling combination, and the first book that has held my interest enough to make me sit down and read it in a long time.

That’s the book du jour on planetpooks.

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