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Ursula is rallying the troops!

If you are a published, professional author and disagree with the Authors Guild being given the right to negotiate a deal with google to scan COPYRIGHTED materials and put them up on the web for free download…

Ursula Le Guin has a few words to say, and hopes you will join her.

I am but a foot soldier but am doing my best to spread the word.

Please go read, sign, and keep the message going.

Thank you.

EDITED TO ADD:  While support from anyone is welcome, the fact is that her need at this time is for people to post if they are professional novelists or nonfiction book authors who support themselves at least in part by the publication of books.  If she gets overwhelmed with responses from people who are simply wanting to say, “I agree with you,” it will make her project grow beyond the ability to deal with it.  Thanks.


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