Update on the Typically British Reading Challenge 2010

If you look in the left sidebar you will note that I have read  four books by British authors so far.  Other than the first, I seem to be leaning toward period mysteries right now.  Marion Chesney’s are early 20th Century, and Ariana Franklin’s are during the reign of Henry II, who (along with Eleanor of Aquitaine) makes very effective cameo appearances.

The fact that there are only four in the sidebar is a little surprising to me, because I assumed it would be much higher than that.  I’ve listened to six other books that are set in England and have read five other British books, but it appears they were actually written by Americans.

I have achieved the second level:

• “Put The Kettle On” – Read 2 Typically British novels.
• “Gordon Bennett” – Read 4 Typically British novels.
Up next–“Bob’s Your Uncle!”

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