Where in the World Wednesday is Back!

So… exotic locations to tempt the wandering muse…

This one inspired a location in the most recent novel.  The greens are so intense, the golden color almost shimmering, the sky and the waves… Labeled “Westdale Cliff Path,” it sings to me with a not-so-subtle Welsh accent. We weren’t at this particular spot, but drove much of the coast of Wales. The memories, the memories…

Copyright, Paul Forsdick

Images of fields of lavender take my breath away.  Can they really be this gorgeous? Surely there is photo-magic involved. And speaking of taking one’s breath away, what about the scent? Do people with sensitive probosci flee in distress?  I could browse these images for hours…

If you know me (and I think you do) you know that my soul craves green, which is why you’re more likely to see green here than desert, sorry.  And when it comes to green places I haven’t been but want to visit, the Olympic Peninsula is high on the list, despite the Twilight connection.  (Okay, gun to my head, Team Edward, but good grief, infantilize much? Was there anybody who didn’t pick Bella up and run through the forest with her? Excuse me while I cringe.) Okay, now that I’ve annoyed all Twi-Moms and Twi-Teens (plus hit a gazillion search engines) let me get back to my point.

Green.  Olympic Rainforest.

Copyright, Glen Allison/Getty Images [Britannica Website]


So, today, where would I go? Okay, if you know me (and I know you do) it’s Wales, anywhere in the British Isles, really. But maybe just to be different…

I’ll take those fields of lavender.  The Fearless Stormchaser can just put a clothespin on his proboscis.

And you?


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5 responses to “Where in the World Wednesday is Back!

  1. Jodi

    I really want to go to Machu Pichu right now. Also, trekking in Nepal – not in any way climb Mt Everest – but I would like to see base camp.

    • Carolyn Plumley

      Ok, you fields of Heather people. I suggest to take a trip to Tasmania, the island off the bottom of Australia. Home of the Tasmanian Devil and other exotic wildlife, fields of heather, Montains, desert areas, crashing seas, cows, a rain forest, quaint towns, history, and most importantly a Cadbury Chocolate factor that you can tour and taste. It is heaven on earth. Just takes a long, long flight to get there.

      • Huh. I’ll check that out. New Zealand is on my list of wannasees but I don’t want to see Australia. Tasmania, I’ll look into.

    • See this?


      I’m not sure I ever will, though I’d love to. I don’t adjust to altitudes well, and unless I can have a lot of time to adjust I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do that. Everest base camp? Huh, hadn’t thought about that, other than anything with heights/drops terrifies me.

  2. Yes, those fields of lavender really are that beautiful, but they only bloom at certain times of the year. In the south of France where you see field after field of these, they also make perfumes and you can smell all that in the air.

    I want to go back to Florence, Italy and spend more times in the museums. This time I’ll wear comfortable shoes. Also, there is no better ice cream and coffee anywhere.

    Thanks for the mini vacay, back to work…

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