This Crumbling Pageant by Patricia Burroughs


A new review that makes my heart squee!

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Regency England is divided into two worlds, that of the Ordinary that we are familiar with and the one of the Magi, filled with those who are graced with the gifts of the Gods. Persephone Fury is the youngest of a family graced with the gift of music, descendants of the man who originally pulled the Magi world from the Ordinary, to keep them safe. Apart from music that can twine through the soul, Persephone’s magic shifts and twists with shadows, something dark and unfamiliar, too strong and untamed for fine Magi society.

But in a time of unrest, when the old Magi king steps aside in favor of a regent and both lowborn rebels and court Magi frantically try to use the prophecies of Merlin to support their cause, perhaps something a bit dark, a bit wild, is exactly what is needed.

This Crumbling Pageant is an exhilarating blend…

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Amazon, Hachette, and flaming bullshit


This is so worth reading, I am sharing it here.

Originally posted on Jay Kristoff - Literary Giant:

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Beautiful people, a moment of your time, if you will.

I won’t bang on at length about this (there are many who will), but there’s some important stuff you should be made aware of.

If you are a book lover, THIS SHIT AFFECTS YOU.

If you are a reader, THIS SHIT AFFECTS YOU.

I presume you’re one of these, because you’re on my blog. So please take 5 minutes of your day, and read on.

In short:

* There is a big French publisher called Hachette. They publish many amazing authors (not me, har har, ego joke) and many incredible books. If you look at your shelves, you’ll find books from Hachette or its imprints.

* is currently engaged in “business negotiations” with Hachette, and is seeking “more favourable terms” in their new contract. In short, Amazon want Hachette to lower their prices, so…

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I’m not here any more; I’m there.


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It’s not too late to win a free book!



Yes, Virginia, there IS such a thing as a free lunch book.

It doesn’t cost anything to move to my new site with me, subscribe to my new blog, and say “Hi, I’m here!”

But you could win a free book of your own choosing just for doing so.


See ya there!

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Time is running out!

Get your Kindles here!

I’m getting a Kindle Touch for Christmas. Shhhh! Don’t tell I know!

PS. This is an image and doesn’t really give you a quick tour. Click the word Kindles up above to see the tours.


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In which pooks bribes you…

Since I’m in the process of creating a new site and moving this blog there, I am here today to tempt you into clicking this and going to the other site, by having a contest where I’ll be giving away at least one free book, maybe more. The book of your choice (up to $20). Seriously, you want a shot at that right? Okay, go subscribe to the blog on the new site!


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Back up, people–I’m gonna swoon!

It’s my new bookcover for the release of which you will be hearing a lot in coming weeks. But for now–

Excuse me while I just sit back and stare at teh pretty….


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