PARADISE REGAINED: A history of burial at St. Mary’s Collegiate Church, Youghal October 17, 2012

A location in The Dead Shall Live, Volume Two of The Fury Triad. I’m trying to find out who is buried here!



A presentation  by Catryn Power, at Youghal Celebrates History Conference 2012. The presentation gave an informative insight and understanding of burial customs at the St. Mary’s Collegiate Church graveyard, Youghal. The 10th Annual Conference was held between the 29th -30th September at The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal. The Theme of this year’s Conference was Pomp and Circumstance- ‘Tales from the Tombs of St. Mary’s Collegiate Church’.

PARADISE REGAINED: A history of burial at the church and graveyard of St. Mary’s Collegiate Church and the future management of its conservation.


A highly valued place for Youghal local community to respect and commemorate its dead loved ones, for about 900 years. Ritual practices changed according to the century, tradition and the pocket, from simple coffin-less and earth-cut burials of lay people in shrouds, sometimes held together with pins, to the burials of the…

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