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Unless, of course, you turn the page…

Personal Library Kit  $11.92

Book You Want to Make Sure Finds Its Way Home — $11.16

Discovering You Can’t In Any Universe Cover These Endleaves — Project Fail

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But Shallow Is So Pretty!

If I’m filling my library with books I love and want to possess, caress and reread at will…

Is it so wrong to covet books just because of the way they would look? Lying down? When you can’t even see the cover of the thing?

[image from here via there]

Excuse me while I squee, but it seems I’ve already set the precedent. Squee.


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The octopus costs too much.

It’s hard to steampunk anything on a budget, but give me a can of hammered copper or oiled bronze spray paint and turn me loose, and I’ll make a go at it!

But this is nothing but a fake feathered bird, a rock I had lying around, and a dried anole I’d had for a few years. Don’t ask me why. I found it and said to the Resident Storm Chaser, “Look at this. A dried lizard.”  We examined it from all angles and then it ended up on a shelf gathering dust with other dainty knick-knacks.  And thus I have my Victorian steampunk explorer’s first find and exhibit, although unfortunately it appears she didn’t make it any farther than the back garden.

It’s not a pickled octopus, but it’s mine.

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Not White Spray Paint

[That is a reference to another Texas blog, White Spray Paint, which some of you would really love so you should check it out.]

My office transformation is in mid-transition.  It has been here for weeks.  It’s in that “habitable/workable” stage where I could end up still thinking about what to do next a year from now… but I hope not.

I mentioned it previously when I had a stroke of genius.  Today may not be a stroke of genius. I guess it all depends on how you feel about spray painting a silver television so that it doesn’t clash with Victorian Steampunk(ish).

I haven’t figured out how to get rid of the aluminum strip with all the little holes across the bottom where the speakers are. I mean, I don’t think I should spray it.  [looks shifty] Or…should I?

All I know is that it needs to be set up in two weekends.

Preseason is gonna start, and I’m gonna be there.


What does a Victorian Steampunk lady wear to watch football?

Oh well, back to looking around the office and thinking about what to do next.


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Stroke of genius.

In which I upcycle my mother-in-law’s old magazine rack to hold my power strip, referenced previously:

Yes, I need to vacuum, paint the wall trim, replace that orange cord with something less glaring (and much shorter)  and learn to take pictures w/o my feet in them, but–I am pleased.


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