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On a writer’s yahoo list recently we discussed the idea of naming inanimate devices. My Honda Element is Punkin but I don’t usually refer to her as anything but “the Element.” I guess I’m not inclined to name things much, though I always think it’s a cool idea. My first Mac was creatively named “Mac” and they all have been since.

In high school my friend had a green Rambler station wagon that her family called the Green Demon:

[photo source: wikimedia commons]

Erm, I’m rambling. Rambling. Get it? Oh, never mind.  (My first car was a Rambler, too. Neither my friend nor I had cool parents, it’s clear.)

So, anyway, I’m on my way to get my driver’s license renewed and will be standing in line for a long time, I fear, and am having another one of those moments when I just want to grin like an idiot. I’ll be standing in line reading my Kindle and if I finish the book I’m reading right now (The Queen’s Bastard (The Inheritors’ Cycle, Book 1)) I don’t have to have another book in my shoulder bag ready to go, because having a Kindle is like having a freaking library that weighs next to nothing. I don’t even have to have the next book I want to read chosen and downloaded.

I can stand there in line and either browse through the sample chapters I’ve already downloaded, or surf through Amazon’s Kindle store, and “click” and buy another book.

Standing there in line at the DPS.

And in seconds, it will be waiting for me to read.

I thought about calling my Kindle “Carnegie,” after the gorgeous old Carnegie Libraries, because it is a library in my hands.

I have a feeling, though, I should call her “My Dealer.”

This book habit could get expensive.

Have a good Wednesday.

Send aid to Haiti.

Go Cowboys!



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I’ve been wondering if the books people read influence the names they give their children.

Years ago I read a magazine article about the bad girls of television soaps.  The article stated that the bad girls are much more popular than the good girls.  It used several examples, but the only two I remember were that in the late 1950s and early 1960s the top soap opera was As The World Turns.  That the “good girl” was Ellen and the “bad girl” was Lisa, and the number of baby girls named Lisa largely outnumbered the baby girls named Ellen.

The same thing supposedly happened in the 1970s when All My Children exploded onto the American daytime scene, and (again, according to the article) the number of little girls named Erica vastly outnumbered those named Tara.  (Bad girl, good girl, in order.)

So in the back of my mind I’ve wondered if there will be Harry Potter babies springing up, or if there already are.  And if so, which names?

Actually, I like the name Bellatrix.

That won’t go over well, will it?

I can’t imagine there will be many Nymphadoras running around the kindergarten classrooms.

But, Hermione?


Of course, Ginny is most likely, but will there be Ginevras?  I like that one, too.

Harry, Ron, Draco?

Surely not Draco.

Thing is, I’m wondering if people are less likely to name their kids after book characters than television characters.  I don’t recall any Frodos and Bilbos running around, nor did I ever meet a Scarlett.  (Rhett I believe may be out there, and Ashley of course cropped up with many spellings as a girl’s name.  But did Tara show up as a girl’s name prior to All My Children?)

I read a book once where a woman was ridiculed for naming her children Christopher Robin and Wendy.  I like Wendy.

Maybe the television names get chosen, not because of the characters themselves, but because those names are chosen rather like romance novel names.  They’re just pretty names for pretty people?

When we named our sons we chose standard male-issue names that (mostly) had family history.  Names we hoped wouldn’t get distorted into something embarrassing on the playground.  But the names that are pretty much considered normal among little boys today are often the names that would have gotten a kid beaten up at lunchtime when I was a kid.

I know someone who sometimes reads this blog who named his son Atticus.

Atticus truly rocks, because the character was fabulous.

Do you think Harry Potter names will work their way into the populace?

Do you know any Hermiones?

Would you name a child after a fictional character?


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