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45-35 (“Who’s number one?”)

Hook ’em, baby, hook ’em!


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Oh, you Tigers!

I’m watching the LSU/Arkansas game.

2nd OT, 42-42.

I am not going to survive this game.

That is all.

Addendum: The Tigers lost. The Longhorns lost.

It is weekends like this that I am blessed to be a Cowboys fan.23jets_slide3.jpg

Photo from The New York Times website.

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Here’s the question.

Do I want to play fantasy football for fun?

Or to win?

I mean, realistically, I’m not going to win. But do I really want to LOSE? To play it fast and loose not caring at all if I come in last in the league?

And what do I really consider fun?

Because today… today is huge. Today, I am chomping at the bit for noon to come.


Because Vince gets his first start.


And I want him. Who needs Chad Pennington? Who needs David Carr? Who needs a proven QB when I can have Vince? I had him on my team until I had to make some switches to cover for Dallas’s bye last week — I have four Dallas players on my team and scrambled to cover. (Last week is the only week I’ve won but if anybody points out to me that the only game I’ve won was sans Dallas players I will spit in your chili.)

But Vince.


I want to see him run, scramble, pass, bully his way down the field.

I want him on my team, damn it.

Of course, there’s a catch. There’s always a catch.

I want to see him do all those things, but I want him to lose.

In fact, there’s a lot of reason to believe not only will he lose, but he will look bad doing it.


Three guesses why and the first two don’t count.


He’s going up against the Dallas Defense.

Yes, I’m going to watch Vince vs. Dallas and I can’t wait.

But oh, the quandaries, and that’s before I even address whether or not to bench T.O. Will he play? Will he play enough to make a difference? Will he earn me any points? Or do I wait until the return to Philly to let him play? (For the Wowboys, I mean.)

Because if he doesn’t play, Patrick Crayton (another of my guys) is bound to chalk up some yardage and maybe a TD.

This fantasy football thing is hard.

And do I want Vince to be on my team, just because he’s Vince, to hell with the odds of winning my game?

And if I grab and play Vince and the Titans (0-3) upset the Cowboys, will it be MY FAULT?


(*To see more such brilliant photos, check out the work of Dallas Morning News photographer Louis De Luca. Seriously. It’s worth registering and you won’t get spammed.)


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Lady Linksalot

We have everything under control.

You are free to move about the country…


Dunno which I love more – his hair, or the soundtrack.

Via Paper Bits:


And this just makes me grin. It’s just perfect.


And finally, what you’ve been waiting for, screenwriting content.

Not from me, of course.

From her.

And if you’ll excuse me, I need to go check on my fantasy football league. I have dropped the Denver Defense in order to have Vince Young in reserve. (I’ve never played fantasy football before, but surely I didn’t really need two defenses? Aren’t the Giants enough?)


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Big Baby

Naw, not me. I'm no big baby when it comes to LSU beating the Longhorns in the Elite Eight.

My mamma was an LSU Tiger and some of my earliest memories are of looking at the Tiger (Mike, right?) in the tiger cage on LSU's campus when we were visiting relatives in Baton Rouge. I guess there's a smidgeon of purple and gold in my blood from way back.

Louisiana needs some good things to happen and it sounds like those guys have been through a lot together.

So now that they've eliminated my Longhorns I can say without hesitation or reservation —


ETA: Oh my gosh — George Mason is in the Final Four?!? And I've already sworn my allegiance to LSU? I love Cinderella stories!


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