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Damn, I love iTunes.

I realize that is neither profound nor timely, considering iTunes is hardly cutting edge technology.

But as I was driving today and listening to the local classical music station (WRR–the first radio station in the Great State of Texas), and as I heard the perfect mood music for a scene/chapter I’m writing, I gave a happy sigh because I knew all I had to do is go download it, and then I’d be set.

The music in question? Night on Bald Mountain

Not to be rude or anything, but this guy really does look like the kind of guy you would expect to write Night on Bald Mountain, doesn’t he?

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (1839 – 1891)

What music have you written to lately?


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Check Your iPod

What are you top five songs?

(Check the “Top 25 Most Played” on the assumption that the most played = your top five.)


#5. Piece of my Heart, Janis Joplin

#4. Ave Maria (Biebl), Chanticleer

#3. The Cup of Life (World Cup Anthem), Ricky Martin

#2. Crosstown Traffic, Jimi Hendrix

#1. Look at Little Sister, Stevie Ray Vaughan

I’m not sure what this says about me. But, I dislike country music so much that when I saw Faith Hill was singing Piece of My Heart on some awards show, I almost lost my lunch. What the hell? When I revealed how aghast I was, somebody said, “Didn’t you know, that was a hit for her?” (Do you need any other reason not to like country music? I rest my case.) I guess that prompted me to want to hear the real version, so I downloaded it from iTunes, and, um, have evidently been listening to it a lot.

At a concert at my cathedral (church) the choir surrounded us, and a cappella, sang this version of Ave Maria. I’d never heard it before. Before it was over, tears were running down my cheeks. It gave surround sound a whole new meaning. And I promptly had to find it. I highly recommend you listen in the dark with your eyes closed and just let it roll over you. I even have a movie ending in my head every time I hear it. I wonder if I’ll ever write the script that will end with that.

The Cup of Life. Well, for one thing, it just makes me move. “Gol! Gol! Gol! Ole, ole, ole!” I will always remember the first time I saw Ricky Martin. He was on the Grammys as a foreign music nominee or something. Nobody had heard of him. He not only brought the house down — he brought the house to its feet. Rappers, C&Wers, rockers — everybody I saw was on their feet, dancing. It’s just that kind of song. And I mean, World Cup. Greatness.

Crosstown Traffic. I’m not sure that’s even my favorite Jimi Hendrix! But maybe it is. I must replay it a lot when it shows up in a playlist. Anyway, what’s not to love? (Even though my Hendrix-loving husband insists it’s Jimi’s attempt at “bubble gum” to get on the top 40 charts. I think he’s insane. My husband, not Jimi. Well, maybe both.)

Look at Little Sister? Oh man, I’m not surprised. Talk about gritty, hip grinding roadhouse blues. I love that song. Love it, love it, love it. The fact that it’s Stevie Ray, from my own hometown of Oak Cliff, Texas, is just the icing on the cake. The fact that I am a little sister has nothing to do it being my favorite, even though it makes “little sister” sound sexy as all getout. Nothing, I say.

What your your top five? If you don’t have an iPod, just guess!


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Question about iTunes and podcasts

I’m just now beginning to explore the podcasts on iTunes.

If you find one and you want to download all of the casts, how do you do it without having to click each one individually? If you subscribe, you only get the current one and new ones. How do you get them all?

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