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And it's back! A $20 opportunity to thank my reviewers!

I did this once before to thank you for reviewing La Desperada on Amazon.

Now I’m offering the same thank you prize for posting a review of Some Enchanted Season on Amazon.

Here are the rules for eligibility:

1) Post a review of Some Enchanted Season on Amazon.  Honest reviews are all I ask for, whether you liked the book or not.  Feel free to cut and paste your review from a different site or your book blog if you’ve already posted it elsewhere.

2) Unless you are absolutely positively without a doubt sure that I know how to contact you, come here and post a comment OR email me at planetpooks (at) gmail (dot) com.  Because otherwise, if you win and I don’t know how to get your prize to you, I have to draw again.

It’s that easy.  Yes, this contest is restricted to people who have read the book and are willing to review it on Amazon, but I have other contests that don’t require you to read my books or review them so sign up for email notifications (see the left sidebar), and it all works out.

Contest runs from September 25, 2012 to Midnight Central Time October 31, 2012!

Remember, if you need an epub version (or mobi, for that matter) you can buy the book at Book View Cafe and still review it on Amazon. Thanks!




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Are you ready for some football?

Then you’re ready for…

Kevyn Llewellyn needs a god.

She must have exactly the right model for Darius: Warrior-God of the Gray Planet, or she’ll lose the contract to illustrate the rest of the series. When she sees him—none other than NFL football player Rusty Rivers—she does the absolutely logical thing: she kidnaps him. Or rescues him… it depends on whom you’re asking.

Rusty Rivers is no god.

He’s the kind of guy who’s squandered every opportunity from the Redskins to the Cardinals, while Kevyn’s had to fight for every chance to prove herself as a cover artist for fantasy novels. His struggles have been broadcast across the sports pages, while she keeps hers buried deep. They’re as different as meteor and moonbeam, with nothing apparent in common.

In this doomed, yet enchanted, football season, dare they hope something magical can happen that will last forever?


SOME ENCHANTED SEASON available 9/25/2012
from Book View Cafe
Originally published by Bantam Books



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Not White Spray Paint

[That is a reference to another Texas blog, White Spray Paint, which some of you would really love so you should check it out.]

My office transformation is in mid-transition.  It has been here for weeks.  It’s in that “habitable/workable” stage where I could end up still thinking about what to do next a year from now… but I hope not.

I mentioned it previously when I had a stroke of genius.  Today may not be a stroke of genius. I guess it all depends on how you feel about spray painting a silver television so that it doesn’t clash with Victorian Steampunk(ish).

I haven’t figured out how to get rid of the aluminum strip with all the little holes across the bottom where the speakers are. I mean, I don’t think I should spray it.  [looks shifty] Or…should I?

All I know is that it needs to be set up in two weekends.

Preseason is gonna start, and I’m gonna be there.


What does a Victorian Steampunk lady wear to watch football?

Oh well, back to looking around the office and thinking about what to do next.


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Flashback, flashforward



Kinda makes ya smile (even if they are the damned Steelers).


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Sometimes… good stuff happens.

Texas high school football. You’ve read the book, seen the movie, watched the television show.

You know what it’s all about, right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Aledo High School Chooses Homecoming Queen

Aledo High School Chooses Homecoming Queen


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