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What’s a November Sunday without Cowboys?

Obviously, it’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving!

I was at the Cowboys game Thursday.  It was so very cool.  And even though this is my fifth game at Cowboys Stadium (aka the Death Star) this is the first time I was so aware of the laundry around me.  Sitting in my section were the following former players, players representing all five decades of Cowboys history:


I’m sure it had to be them. Who else would have their names on their backs?

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Guess Where I Went Today!

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Not White Spray Paint

[That is a reference to another Texas blog, White Spray Paint, which some of you would really love so you should check it out.]

My office transformation is in mid-transition.  It has been here for weeks.  It’s in that “habitable/workable” stage where I could end up still thinking about what to do next a year from now… but I hope not.

I mentioned it previously when I had a stroke of genius.  Today may not be a stroke of genius. I guess it all depends on how you feel about spray painting a silver television so that it doesn’t clash with Victorian Steampunk(ish).

I haven’t figured out how to get rid of the aluminum strip with all the little holes across the bottom where the speakers are. I mean, I don’t think I should spray it.  [looks shifty] Or…should I?

All I know is that it needs to be set up in two weekends.

Preseason is gonna start, and I’m gonna be there.


What does a Victorian Steampunk lady wear to watch football?

Oh well, back to looking around the office and thinking about what to do next.


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Happy Baptismal Day, Ludwig

NOTE: wordpress isn’t allowing me to make links or post images. I first attempted to post this yesterday and then decided to wait overnight, and it’s still not working. So, bah humbug. But honestly, you really must copy and paste those URLs because they are both very impressive and pretty in their own distinctive ways!

Yesterday was Jane Austen’s birthday, but it apparently was also Ludwig Van Beethoven’s.  But today is the anniversary of his baptism, so to honor that day, I present the most delightful collection of birthday tributes,

Happy Birthday Ludwig

in which Leonid Hambro arranged “Happy Birthday” in the styles of six different Beethoven masterpieces.

I found this link through holidailies, a post yesterday about how close this woman felt to her parents favorite composers. [] That she thought Beethoven and Tchaikovsky were close family friends, her parents discussed them so much when she was small.

I understand this. One of my sons was working at Outback Steakhouse when a man came in that he knew was a family friend of ours. He recognized his face from when he was a kid, and was straining to remember his name so he could go and say hello.  He was trying to remember whether the man was a friend of my parents or a friend of ours… and fortunately mentioned it to another employee who said, astonished, “You know Charlie Waters?”

Oh. Well. Maybe not.

Some families talk classical music.  Some families talk football.

But I guarantee you he would have recognized Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan, well, you know, if they weren’t dead.


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This is not the new post I promised.

Not exactly. That will require the finding of the camera.

But as an experiment, I attempted to recreate the photo here using the camera on my MacBook.

Erm, not so successful.

But, anyway, a few notes and a picture to hold this space until I put the real post together.

Blood? Check. Fountain pen? Check. Novel-in-progress on Kindle? Check. Notes in Moleskine? Check.

Picture backwards… Okay, that?  I have no clue.

[Note: And don’t think I’m not going to blog the Dallas Cowboys being the best, and Hollywood proves it, anyway. Ahem.]


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