Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

Let the blog tour begin!

PatriciaBurroughs_ThisCrumblingPageant_800pxToday–YES TODAY–This Crumbling Pageant is available for purchase through Amazon in print and digital! And to celebrate this long-awaited day of jubilation and world-wide celebration [yes, I am declaring it a day of world-wide celebration, so sue me] I am beginning a fabulous blog tour. I’ve never done this before so I hope some of you will go along with me and follow the daily links. Sometimes I will be talking about the research or some unexpected discovery. Perhaps about the writing process. Maybe even some embarrassing confessions. Some blogs hand me Q&A forms to answer, and others just ask me to post an brief snippet from the book. Each day will be different and I hope, interesting and fun.

First stop: The Word Wenches. This fabulous group of historical romance authors are hosting my debut as a blog tour-er. [Is that a word?]

May 5: The Word Wenches  How Research Gave Me the Home I Didn’t Want and the World I Needed

About the research I did in my world-building stage for This Crumbling Pageant, and how some awkward discoveries ended up giving me some of most important and interesting elements, once I stopped fighting them and embraced them instead.

Leave comments there so I won’t feel lonely!

Oh, and buy my book. Seriously, if you buy it in print, you can use it as a door stop. It’s a big book!

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Hardcover, Kobo and iBook links coming soon!



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