The Author Quandary

It’s awkward listing a book on goodreads because you always want to give it five stars. I mean, really, if you wrote it, you want to give it five stars, and who wouldn’t?

But you can’t do that, unless like me it was the first book you listed there, your favorite book, you weren’t writing novels then anyway so who cared? Let somebody snipe at me; I loved that book. I was a screenwriter at that point and figured if people thought me vain for loving my first novel, let them. So I gave it five stars–and said so, and explained why.

But ever since then, I have refrained.

Which means putting the books up and then staring at all those blank stars and wondering, what now? Well, I leave them blank. I also list the book as ‘read’ and if there was a place to list ‘reread’ I’d have to hit that multiple times because by the time a book is published, you’ve gone over it more times than you want to remember.

Today I ended up creating a new page for This Crumbling Pageant, and yes I’m going to remind you about the mailing list again.

Since it’s part of a series, I also had to create pages for the books that aren’t even written yet.


GR Fury Triad

That’s interesting to look at and contemplate. Because now the first one is ‘read,’ the second one is ‘currently reading,’ and the last one is ‘want to read.’

When you’re the author, those designations are loaded with extra weight.

And yes, I really really really ‘want to read’ book three.




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One response to “The Author Quandary

  1. denise

    I’m looking forward to them!

    Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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