WWW Wednesday 2-12-2014

WWW Wednesday. This meme is from shouldbereading.

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

• What are you currently reading?

manor house

Now I want to find an original print edition.

I’ve discovered “modern schoolgirls’ stories” and am reading The Manor House School by Angela Brazil [pronounced Brazzle]. Ever since I read that Harry Potter was a variation on the bog standard English ‘boarding school stories’ I’ve wanted to read more of them, and finally got around to it. There are a lot of Angela Brazil books available for free download on various sites. I got mine from amazon [see link above]. I’m enjoying it a lot more than I dared expect to!

The walls of the manor house are infested with herds of rats [have yet to actually see one, mind you, but they are noisy], there might be a ghost, and there most assuredly seems to be hidden treasure. What more could a school girl want?


She sent me the cover! You get to see it first!

This is another ‘lucky to be me’ day because one of my duties at Book View Café is the occasional proofreading or beta job, and this time, I got to proofread Patricia Rice‘s wonderful fantasy romance, Mystic Guardian, which I am not sure if I am supposed to talk about yet. So until I hear back from her, I will just tease you.

I always love what she does with her supporting characters and this is no different. The love story is tender and at times moving, but also lots of fun, set in the lead-up to the French Revolution with a big dose of fantasy to sweeten the tale. I got to finish reading it this weekend, and most likely, you didn’t! It’s a reprint so it’s possible you own it already and reread it this weekend, but I’m thinking that would be a bigger coincidence than even my author’s mind could manufacture. Don’t worry, I’ll mention it again when it’s actually available for purchase. In the meantime, read her madcap contemporary mystery, Undercover Genius!

duchess warI also listened to Courtney Milan’s The Duchess War. PW reviewed the book and created a bit of a hubbub by saying the premise was historically incorrect. They eventually had the grace to say they were wrong, without actually changing the part of the review that said it was incorrect. Anyhooo… I enjoyed the book for what it was, thought she broke new ground in a fresh and interesting way when she finally got to the first love scene, and recommend this book to fans of historical romance. It’s easy to see why she’s such a popular author. I’m giving it 4.5 stars, rounded up. I admit that I loved the bantering amongst the hero and his friends [the other Brothers Sinister] and so it’s really not fair of me to think sometimes it was too contemporary and hold that against Milan.

This is part of a series and I will definitely be listening to the next one, as well.

• What did you recently finish reading?


This book has a FABULOUS new cover and you can see it if you sign up for the mailing list!

I’m still working on and have been working on This Crumbling Pageant. Have I reminded you lately that I have a terrific mailing list and if you join it, you won’t get spammed, but you will get a sneak preview of the bookcover, meet the villain, and have a chance to win a handcrafted wooden wand made of lignon vitae, the same wood Merlin’s wand was made of? Sign up HERE. You’ll receive a newsletter about once a month until May, when the book is out. New prizes each time!

• What do you think you’ll read next?

More of Angela Brazil. More of This Crumbling Pageant. Gosh, I don’t know. I just know I’ll be reading something, because you know me, always reading something!

What about you? What have you been reading lately? Put the link to your WWW Wednesday entry in comments, or just tell us!




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8 responses to “WWW Wednesday 2-12-2014

  1. Mystic Guardian: Fantasy and the French Revolution, sounds good to me!

  2. The modern school girl stories look interesting!

    Sarai @ Sarai’s Nerding Out Again

  3. Great choices! Oh wow, I’m going to have to check out The Manor House School one. Looks right up my street! Thanks for visiting me earlier.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time! 🙂 I like those boarding school ones. I will be checking those out eventually. Lucky duck with your proofreading job, though the cover doesn’t scream french revolution to me… reminds me of some movie with Nev Campbell or something.

  5. denise

    Those modern girls books sound fun. I have some original Nancy Drew books I bought in the late 70’s-early 80’s during my parent’s yard sale/flea marketing years. They’re from the 30’s.

    Reading some ARCs. Lots on the TBR. Waiting for yours. 😉

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