Last year I noticed that Miz B from shouldbereading did something instead of making resolutions. She chose a single word for the year. She did it again this year.

This explains why.

Last year I thought it interesting, even useful, but that was the end of it.

This year, a word popped into my head.


And it has stayed there for several days.

So okay, I’m claiming it. This is my word for 2014.

Lots of hard work, many years worth of work, is coming to beautiful fruition in 2014. But beyond that, it requires even more hard work, more years of hard work.

So accomplishment is both a daily to-do item, a reminder that it’s an ongoing process, and a destination that I’ve reached and yet have to keep on moving toward.


What is your word for 2014?




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4 responses to “Accomplishment

  1. max

    I like your word. I’m not sure what mine would be. I’m still standing. And things have been a pretty good test of that off and on. I’m not sure how I’d sum that up in one word. I’ll think on it.

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