The Official Launch!

Where is a bottle of champagne when you need one?

TMMToday is the official launch of my new publisher, Story Spring Publishing!

So here is an imaginary ship:  [impressive imaginary ship]

And here I am, cracking a bottle of champagne across its bow: [pooks cracking champagne across impressive ship’s bow]

[I hope you are imagining impressively drawn stick figure pooks and ship and champagne]*

And we’re off! With the first publication, an anthology of horror tales just in time for October’s haunting season!

Thoroughly Modern Monsters  

What if…?

What if the creatures of our childhood nightmares aren’t safely extinct?

What if they’re living right next door?

What if they pass among us every single day?

Loving us.

Watching us.

Devouring us.

Eleven authors from the US and Europe have given us fifteen striking views on the monsters in our midst.

So, turn on all the lights and lock the doors. Check under the bed and settle in. Get to know some Thoroughly Modern Monsters.

If you dare.

Available in print and digital. Buy it. I double-dawg dare ya!

* And in case you’re wondering why I am the one who is cracking the bottle? You know how it goes. I’m the pretty girl who has nothing to do with any of it but who shows up on launch day for the photo op!




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3 responses to “The Official Launch!

  1. denise

    oh, the responsibilities that come with a new hairdo!

    Congrats on the launch!

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