Irony, aka, the story of my life

So, I’m teaching workshops on storyboarding for novelists and screenwriters.

But right now I am behind the eightball on a deadline for another book I’m writing. No, not that one, the one you don’t know about, yet.


Available 9/24 from Amazon, print only.

A book that I hope you don’t buy because I hope you don’t ever do this unless you intend to move to Los Angeles or already live there. And yes, there is a lot of irony there, too.

And as I have struggled with this book, not the writing, but the arranging and the organizing and figuring out how to weave all the different things together, it hit me this morning–

I need to storyboard it.

I need to storyboard my nonfiction book.

I never even considered such a thing.

Storyboarding is for stories, right? Duh.

Physician, heal thyself.

Teacher, teach thyself.

Writer, get back to writing.

And for those who are local to DFW and interested, I am teaching the workshop on storyboarding and also the workshop on adapting your novel [just noticed error on cover over there which should say YOUR novel, note to self: contact cover designer] at the Collin College Writers Conference on October 4 & 5.


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