And another 3-book deal!

You know how I’ve been about to burst with news and have been teasing the living daylights out of y’all?

Well, now the other shoe can FINALLY drop.

In addition to my 3-book deal with Story Spring Publishing, I can finally announce the books that Audible just picked up as part of a deal with Book View Café. In fact, I could have made the headline say, A 100+book deal, because that’s the size of the partial catalog Audible bought from us. Cool beans.

You know how I love my audiobooks. I’ve been an audible customer for ten freaking years and now something I never dreamed of is happening–my own books are going to be available. I don’t yet know who the readers are, but will post more news as it comes in. In the meantime, here we go!  Square CD-type covers for the audible releases. Which means I also have a brand new cover for Some Enchanted Season, thanks to Caleb Wolfson for mad photo-manip skillz and Mj Butler for his ever-elegant design work! [more on that later]!


Coming in audiobook soon!


Coming in audiobook soon!

Coming in audiobook as an Audible exclusive soon!

Coming in audiobook soon!

I hope you are as proud of me as I am for keeping my lips zipped about this as long as I have, because it was hard.

And now, off to work on other exciting projects.

Which I can’t talk about yet.




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