Harvest Monday July 29, 2013

See what gardeners are harvesting around the world at daphne’s dandelions. Add your pictures, too, if you have some!

I’m really annoyed with the squash vine borers that destroyed my gorgeous crop of spaghetti squash. I ended up getting two or three, that’s it.  I also got two acorn squashes before the borers got that vine.

What I loved about those is that they were free. I saved the seeds from squash I bought in late winter and planted some, and suddenly, I had all these beautiful squashes forming.

I even had one that crossed between the two! See the long green melon-looking thing? That is the cross.


wintersquash july2013

That is a big red pimiento pepper and also a tomato that I grew from seed. I am loving the ‘grow from seed’ thing. It’s like doing magic.

While I’m at it, this is something I cooked in May using squash, green onions and herbs from my garden, sliced and layered with potatoes. Unfortunately I can’t find the recipe again to share with you. Experiment, and yours will end up better than this one, anyway. The flavors were underseasoned for my preference. I would have added more onions and probably some garlic or something stronger than the fresh thyme.

squash and potatoes

That iron skillet was originally my grandmother’s.

What are you growing or cooking or eating these days?

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2 responses to “Harvest Monday July 29, 2013

    • Red noses lol G!Pam, that is such a sweet picture I’ll bet you setropd a beautiful bow a time or two.People like you balance out people like me. But this year I think I just may get the Best Palms award in my neighborhood. Yesterday I bought some of those gigantic plastic ornaments to hang outside so we’ll see what happens.

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