Doing my retro thang.

It was quite an unexpected discovery for me to understand that despite the way I love my laptop and won’t leave home without it, not to mention my Kindle and my iPod, I am at heart still a very retro girl.

I still love writing with a fountain pen.

kindle moleskine revisions

I plot my books with index cards that I keep on the wall beside me so I can always have my story at my fingertips. [Thank you, Blake Snyder, for the system that finally worked for me.]

And I just ordered two wall calendars so that I can return to my old pattern of having the months spread before me with deadlines, conferences and appearances, teaching schedule, etc. all before me in full technicolor. I guess part of what makes me so happy about this is that I have so many different deadlines, conferences and appearances, classes, etc. lined up already.

Do you remain old school in anything? What?



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7 responses to “Doing my retro thang.

  1. I totally rock it old school in planning for my Galveston Hurricane Mystery Series novels. I feel I can change things if I put them on Post-It notes (maybe I’m a little more high-tech than the index cards). For some reason, I feel constrained when I use a writing program for that.
    I will have to try the calendar thing, because that sounds great.

    • Ha! When somebody goes hi-tech by using post-its, we are clearly speaking the same language. I’d love to have pics of some of your post-it note plotting/planning to share with my classes!

      I tested various writing program demos looking for something I’d actually use before being gobsmacked by the way index cards felt so ~right~ when I returned them.

  2. CJ

    I, too, have returned to writing with fountain pens — notes and some first drafts. There is something about being able to feel the words as they emerge that sort of connects me to the millennia-old tradition of scribbling lines onto paper/parchment/whatever.

  3. Denise

    I use a real calendar to keep track of the family. Have a corded phone in the office–will work if just the power goes out, but not if Fios goes out.

    I write thank you notes and snail mail them.

    • A real wall calendar where everybody can see it really does work, doesn’t it?

      We put in two cord phones recently for the same reason. Also so I can talk for an extended time without sending microwaves through my ears. Or something. I do not pretend to understand these things.

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