Embarrassment of Riches TBR – May 31 Check In!

It’s time for May stats!

TBR-vignetteThe original blog meme is here, along with the links to the previous months’ check-ins.

What are you reading? Did you like it or not?

I’ll tell if you will!

Also, I’m building a mailing list for when I have a newsflash (and there are some upcoming, seriously, I am bursting with the news).





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2 responses to “Embarrassment of Riches TBR – May 31 Check In!

  1. denise

    I don’t think I read anything from my 2012 tbr pile. I did read at least three books in May. Yes, I know that is a really slow month for me. Very busy with kids’ sports and who knows what else.

  2. Patricia dear! I see you haven’t put up a new review page in a while ~ for good reason. Although apparently already an author in print, you have been accepted for a series! From a budding writer: congratulations, heartily!

    Are there prizes for this circle? I’m onto 84 books, thus well past our ultimate 50. Please contact me with e-mail, Goodreads, or WordPress to say if a wrap-up URL is needed. Otherwise, fait accomplit! You keep your linkies open so it enables me to add further reviews. Members can see my whole list at the website shown. Warmly, Carolyn.

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