Harvest Monday 4-22-13

I am not a girly-girl. So why did I join the Sally Beauty Supply club this morning? Why was I even in there? Because when none of my sprayers worked and I wanted a small one to spray soapy water on aphids, I went looking online for sprayers and to my surprise, found that Sally’s has a wide variety for cheap. Not surprising, really. But once I got in there, oh my. More little goodies than I can begin to describe, for gardeners, travelers, all sorts of people not necessarily interested in beauty supplies.

9 oz bottles in various colors, around $2.50 each if you join the club, still under $3 if you don't. Sweet!

9 oz bottles in various colors, around $2.40 each if you join the club, still under $3 if you don’t. Sweet!

I got two. One for foliar spray and one for my Dr Bronner’s soap spray.  I’ll probably end up with a larger one for foliar, though.

Not much else to say today.  Harvest same as before, some salad greens, some herbs, and I continue to work in the garden and enjoy it. I bought a tomato plant that was about 3 feet tall and already had ‘maters on it. Caddo tomatoes, never heard of them. Decided to nab it and see how it does, so I actually have tomatoes ripening in the garden! (Cheating, much?)

Oh. And I’ve been seeing bees. Good times.

April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

See what gardeners are harvesting around the world at daphne’s dandelions. Add your pictures, too, if you have some!





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7 responses to “Harvest Monday 4-22-13

  1. denise

    bees are a good thing. my dad lost 5 of his hives over the winter…some died and the rest swarmed when he wasn’t looking.

  2. Good find with the sprayers. I keep several different ones in the garden area of the shop as they are handy to have ready to use and I like to keep them reserved for each items use separately. Your garden looks charming and healthy. Sounds like you are enjoying just being in it – which is half of the benefit of our gardens – an excuse to just dawdle and stand around in the sunshine and great out of doors.

    • I’m sitting in my garden right now when I should be figuring out what to eat. But the breeze is so nice and the dogs are at my feet. Yes, this is so much a part of the experience.

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