Thissing and Thatting

It’s Friday and my plate runneth over. I am going to park a long need-to-do list here, but first–

I found some cool stuff this week.

potterbookshelfI bought this book, Harry Potter’s Bookshelf: The Great Books behind the Hogwarts Adventures by John Granger (hey, any relation…?).  Harry Potter’s Bookshelf: The Great Books Behind the Hogwarts Adventures explores the literary landscape of themes and genres J.K. Rowling artfully wove throughout her novels-and the influential authors and stories that inspired her. From Jane Austen’s Emma and Charles Dickens’s class struggles, through the gothic romances of Dracula and Frankenstein and the detective mysteries of Dorothy L. Sayers, to the dramatic alchemy of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and William Shakespeare, Rowling cast a powerful spell with the great books of English literature that transformed the story of a young wizard into a worldwide pop culture phenomenon.  Not sure when I’ll get to read it but I had to have it in print so I could mark it up.

I read a really good article about the terrific state of publishing today for writers who aren’t crying in their beer like Scott Turow is. I agree with Kris Rusch, in that I have access to so many books today in digital format that would never have been reprinted. Life is good for readers and writers, both.

This fall I’m offering my Blueprinting Your Novel class for those who have been waiting for it and have already taken the Basics class, but I’m offering it much earlier in the semester than usual. So if you’ve been waiting for that class drop me a line, or keep following this blog and/or my facebook page and/or my classofpooks blog.

Now, that plate that runneth over.

Here are a few things I need to do:

Bite my nails over good news I can’t announce yet.

Do my taxes.

Change my front page here on this site, since the big “buy my book NOW!” push isn’t hot on the top of my list, though of course, I would love for you to buy any of my books NOW.

Pull Scandalous from the BN site because they are doing annoying things and truly, life is too short.  So if you have a Nook and were wanting it, get it soon before it disappears.  Otherwise, all my ebooks are available at Book View Cafe in .epub (Nook) or .mobi (Kindle) so it will still be available, just not at BN.

Mail last two print books off to be scanned and sent back to me for release as ebooks. I’ve already paid for this service so you’d think I’d get right on that, right? You’d think.

Revamp the cover to Some Enchanted Season to match the new cover style I’m using on all my romance novels, yay!

Work on cover designs for last two romances.

Get pub dates from Book View Cafe.

Design new book page for this site.

Split script of Redemption away from novel La Desperada, so people can get whichever one they want and not have to get both.

Switch facebook cover page and avatar from the current Scandalous promotion which I love because it’s pretty, but it’s time for a change.

Finish reading good book I’m reading for good writer and write notes on it.

Work on short story.

Work on trilogy series (what do you call a five-book series? oh, a five-book series).

Research Medieval Ireland, Tudor Ireland and Arthurian connections to Ireland. (Got references? Let me know in comments!)

Read the really good books that are sitting my TBR waiting to be read.

Oh, yeah–record my March reads in the Embarrassment of Riches Challenge, oops.

Bite my nails over good news I can’t announce yet.

Do my taxes.

That’s some of what is on my plate right now.

What about you?








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5 responses to “Thissing and Thatting

  1. LOL – whenever I have a lot to do I add ALL the things I want to do as well, “read all books on TBR” you are funny too. 🙂
    Excited to hear your good news when you can finally say something!!
    I am having guests this weekend and next, have to get my car cleaned to drive for a work thing next weekend, get packed and ready for said work thing, stay on diet (which means I have to have food prepared or I can’t do it). Read all books on TBR (this will take me a few years if I become a hermit and stop doing anything else). Finish taxes with tax guy who always does us last. Bake three cakes for next weekend. 🙂 Weeeee
    I am not sure about Irish references for Arthurian, I’m sorry, no help there!

    • We got our taxes done, hooray! I am staying on my diet pretty well, hooray! My car needs cleaning up so badly it’s not even funny, though. Ick!

  2. denise

    You’re not busy, are you? 🙂

    And, we are waiting on that news –you’re torturing us. 😉

  3. Cannot help you on Irish history, but give me a shout if you ever needs help with Swedish history during the same period….

    And more books! Yay! Oh, and the copy of Cold Magic that you bought me arrived today. Although I am waiting a bit with reading it since right now I am tired of Fantasy :).

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