Harvest Monday 4-8-2013

The garden is taking off, yay! Provider bush beans (whatever they are) are blooming, even! Got lots of brocco-bits this week, some bitty carrots, lettuce and greens, the same yadda yadda as recently. Also the largest cauliflower we had (8 oz, not exactly huge).

We have learned that a bit of broccoli snapped right off the plant and eaten, or cauliflower just harvested, each have a bit of sweetness that never makes it to the grocery store. Yum.

Herb tea with a sprig of lemon thyme.

Herb tea with a sprig of lemon thyme.

My beginnings in gardening are largely owed to listening the Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor, on the radio for years and years. [I just googled him for links and it won’t surprise many of you that the words “controversial” and “organic” showed up right away.] One of his regular habits is to describe his day’s herb tea. (Herb with an “h” if you want the true Garrett experience.)  He pinches a bit of this and a bit of that and puts it in his mug, adds hot water–herb tea.

I pinched some lemon balm, some lemon thyme, spearmint, and I forget what else. Those were the main things. And made the Resident Storm Chaser a cup of herb tea.  Will continue to experiment, but this was nice.

He doesn’t drink coffee because he found out by trial and error that it raises his cholesterol and makes his arthritis hurt.  Giving it up and watching the cholesterol come down and feeling the pains go away was a very mixed blessing for him, because he enjoys hot drinks and had gotten used to coffee. He loves hot tea, too.



Next year I will definitely plant more leeks, more broccoli, more cauliflower, and lots more carrots because this year what we had was delicious, just not enough.  I’ll probably try brussell sprouts again because I love them, but they got eaten up by something this year. Or had some sort of fungus on them. Or something.

Cauliflower & broccoli-bits

Cauliflower & broccoli-bits

There’s a local chef who gardens and puts his experiences on youtube. Found him: Brandon Marshall. He’s had some outstanding brassicas (cauliflowers, broccs, sprouts) so I have hopes that we’ll figure out the way to do the same. I was told at the nursery that our fall was so dry and hot, it’s why the winter garden didn’t do anything. You mean it wasn’t my fault? Score! Except Brandon Marshall managed to make his work fine. (Oh well.)

Trellis 4-8-2013

Trellis 4-8-2013

In other news, I didn’t show a pic a couple of weeks ago when the RSC built me a trellis to grow stuff on. Nor did I show the snap pea plants that I bought to grow up the trellis.  Most of them abandoned hope and croaked but a couple survived.

Fence posts with coated chicken wire nailed to them. Green-coated because I don’t like the look of aluminum, so, sue me. Plus we already had it.

I saved some acorn squash seeds from an organic acorn squash and they are already growing, though. And yesterday I planted some spaghetti squash seeds I liberated from their fleshy prison (which was quite tasty steamed with butter).

Garden 4-8-2013

Garden 4-8-2013

See what other gardeners are harvesting around the world at daphne’s dandelions. Add your pictures, too, if you have some!

What’s the weather like where you are? Things growing? Dying? Frozen? Burned to a crisp? Do tell!




Go see other growing stuffs at daphne’s dandelions!



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5 responses to “Harvest Monday 4-8-2013

  1. I love tea with lemon balm. I have a plant in my garden but it is covered by the bleeding heart. I wanted to challenge it since I find them very invasive. This way there are fewer flowers on it. But sadly less leaves too.

  2. I love the idea of herb tea and even grow herbs that would make good tea, but somehow I don’t get around to drinking it very often. Oh well.

    Don’t feel bad about not being able to grow brussels sprouts, they are real prima donnas in the garden. I never have gotten the hang of them and leave them to the pros. Fortunately, there’s lots of good ones grown around here and I can go to the farm stand and buy a whole fresh stalk of them for just a few dollars.

    • I always assumed herb tea was complicated but it doesn’t have to be. It’s actually fun, browsing the herbs and pinching off this and that. Add boiling water, let steep!

  3. denise

    Doing a great job! I have to wait a few more weeks for our zone.

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