Embarrassment of Riches TBR – March 31st Check-In

I’m a terrible blog meme host.

TBR-vignetteBut I’m going to have the rest of the year’s scheduled so they pop up automatically.  For now, post March stats here!

I’ll add mine later.




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12 responses to “Embarrassment of Riches TBR – March 31st Check-In

  1. Just checking if you are discussing Simon Schama’s Embarrassment of Riches. I find myself discussing this book every Spring as the tulips start exposing their tips. Two monkey paws up for this one!

  2. I didn’t make any progress this month 😦 Still stuck at 4 TBR books for the year. Hopefully April will be better!


    I read five books from my 2012 tbr pile–all print books.

  4. I had to recheck my reads, look like I have read 11 or 12 books for the year, 4 in March. Shew! Slowly but surely. I am working on another one, but otherwise, everything else has been shiny new!

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  7. I incorrectly typed the book title for Link #9 (darn those url cookies!). The link leads to “Beastly” but the link title says “Beastly: Lindy’s Diary”. Link #9 can actually be deleted because I linked up both books correctly afterwards.

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  11. Hi! I added up 10 books under this month’s post. I look forward to finding out how you decided to do and dole out badges! Also, what is the ‘follow me’ option in this comment form? Is it for you, or does it give the commenter a chance to invite others to easily join their own blogs? I would love that!

    Warmly, Carolyn.

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