Harvest Monday 3-25-13

Not a lot this week.

3-25-13 tomato seedlingsI mentioned last week that I had a farm on the kitchen countertop. Others have written about finding coir not a great starting medium for seeds. If I had done some in coir and some in some other soil I could compare but I didn’t so I can’t. The seedlings are still growing and still green so at least there’s that. We’re in the midst of a cold snap–maybe the last this year? Dipped below freezing last night so I had to cover tender stuff outside and obviously haven’t been able to start putting these tender babies out. Maybe next week I can start hardening them off for the shift.

It would have been nice to have carrots or broccoli from the garden for Easter. As it is, we’ll have… cabbage. Yes, I have a couple of small heads of cabbage that I’ll harvest later this week. Pose them for their closeups, weigh them, then do something delicious with them.

3-25-13 harvestIn the meantime, we continue to enjoy the “bounty.” Even these bits and drabs from the garden are delicious, so much better than anything we buy at the store. We enjoy every bite.  Broc bits and carrots for tonight. I’m going to chop them, then sautee with butter and some chopped shallots. Yum.

In case you’re wondering, yes I am still bouncing. I am still waiting. I am still forced to keep my lips zipped. And it is killing me.

Go see other growing stuffs at daphne’s dandelions!




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9 responses to “Harvest Monday 3-25-13

  1. Very nice having some bits and pieces to harvest and cabbage coming along for Easter too! Well done!

  2. You have inpspired me to do a little container garden off my front step. I don’t get enough sun to go for too long in the backyard and it is too early for tomatoes.
    We grow seeds in coir but we are growing CA native plants and they need to stay fairly dry and can’t sit in any water. We actually put soil , sprinkle coir, then seed, then more coir. It works great.

    • My carrots were grown in a deep, wide pot. My tomatoes were mostly grown in big pots last summer. I use really big, deep pots because of our heat so I hopefully don’t have to water more than twice a day in the worst of it, hopefully not that often. But containers work really well for a lot of things.

  3. denise

    thanks for sharing the bounty, but I was hoping for the big reveal! 😉

  4. How I would love to have some bits and drabs from the garden, but there is still snow here and there on my property and the grounds are still frozen, where is spring?????

  5. Yummy. There is nothing as tasty as home grown veggies. I have some spinach from last year that I’m still munching on!

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