Sitting On Freaking Good News

What does one do when one is sitting on the biggest news one has had in a lot of years, the best news one has dreamed of in a lot of years, just fabulous, fabulous, fabulous news?

One, if one is the old me, one reaches for peanut butter cups.

One, if one is the new me, one starts walking miles every day, miles that keep one away from the computer, away from the temptation to Spill All.

Because part of big good fabulous news is waiting.

I hate waiting. HATE WAITING.

All I can say this time is… this is good waiting.

And yes, even if all I want to do is bounce off the walls and squeal a lot and make a giddy nuisance of myself I am not allowed to damn damn damn it so all I can do is…


But there is one more thing I can do. I can make you wait with me. And unlike me, you don’t know what we’re waiting for.


In the meantime, here.

reeses-peanut-butter-400x400Eat a peanut butter cup for me while we wait. I’ll be back after I walk a few more miles.



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9 responses to “Sitting On Freaking Good News

  1. Jen Greyson

    Dirty trick πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to hear!!

  2. Lauri

    I’ll eat a peanut butter cup for you on Monday. My company does printing for Justin’s Nut Butter, so we have a box of samples. πŸ™‚

  3. denise

    patience is a virtue, as the proverbial phrase sayeth

  4. total brat! I am excited for you. Looking forward to hearing all about it. πŸ™‚ – e

  5. denise

    a new book, screenplay, a grandchild?–must be something big in the works

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