Harvest Monday 3-18-13

Welcome to harvest monday! I have a couple of gardening questions so I’m glad you came. Also I have a wordpress question. Does anybody who uses wordpress on their own site (rather than the free wordpress) have a widget that notifies commenters when you respond? Because when I respond to comments, commenters don’t know it unless they come back to check, and that kind of sucks.)

Onward. GARDEN!

kitchen farmI have been transplanting seedlings. My kitchen farm is messy but is working. The problem is, once I got all the seedlings transplanted, I didn’t have room for them all under the light.  I put the overflow under the eave of the house outside where they won’t ever get any direct sunlight but plenty of “bright” and am hoping they don’t suffer.  It’s not hot yet, but if you think I should, I’ll bring them back in and just be diligent about rotating stuff under the lights. This picture doesn’t show all of them. I snapped it while I was still in the middle of transplanting.

seedlingsAlso, in Department Fail, I lost track of which transplants are Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, and Roma.  So some are marked but many aren’t. Oh, well!

Last week I planted several tomato bedding plants that are much further along than these babies. I’m hoping that this summer will help me determine whether starting them from seedlings is as productive as buying bedding plants. Also, next year will start seedlings much earlier, and probably get a second growlight, though my kitchen may protest.

If you’re curious, I used this video to learn how to transplant and this is why I transplanted when the seedlings are so tiny.  I decided I waited too long last year.  Each of my seedlings was an inch or two long with small leaves on top, and now the stems are in soil so they can sprout roots, too. Hope it wasn’t too soon.

lame carrotsThis week’s actual harvest.  We got about 5 ounces of carrots that now are actually carrot-sized but the carrot seeds I planted in early February are doing so little, I doubt if I will get anything from them before it’s too hot. I say that not really knowing when it gets too hot for carrots, but just knowing they are cool-weather crops and Dallas doesn’t stay cool that long. Opinions?

carrot topThis morning I steamed some organic carrots that I bought at Whole Foods Market and have stuck one of them in soil to grow. But does this really work? Will it grow a new carrot, or just greens out of the top?

greens eggI also made a quick trip through the garden and pinched off some greens of various sorts, a small sweet red pepper from the fridge, and some green onion tops to put in a scrambled egg. It turned out very nicely, though next time I’ll also add onion. The pepper didn’t add quite enough flavor for my tastebuds.  Also, I am wondering if I plant the pepper seeds, will all the peppers be red or will they be a mix of red, yellow and orange like the package they came out of? Hmmm.

Animal_Vegetable_Miracle_A_Year_of_Food_Life-119185998039816My goal this summer is to have so many tomatoes and so much squash I have to freeze a whole lot of it. If all my tomato seedlings take off I’m sure I’ll be giving some away, but that remains to be seen.  Maybe I’ll even have to dry some of the tomatoes in a dehydrator! (I remember how many tomatoes Barbara Kingsolver had in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life–a book I can’t recommend highly enough, especially for those of you who are gardening!)

As always, you can see more harvests from around the world by checking out the others hosted at daphne’s dandelions.



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11 responses to “Harvest Monday 3-18-13

  1. Lea

    I’ve never tried to grow new carrots from old, but just this morning I planted an onion that had sprouted (and beginning to rot) to see if I could get new onions from old. Only time will tell. I do like to grow carrots from seeds. I buy baby carrot seeds – “Little Fingers” – so I can get carrots before the hot weather sets in. Of course you can pull regular carrots before they are fully mature if the weather gets too hot for them. But, like you, I don’t know at how hot a temperature they will continue to grow well.
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  2. denise

    if you steamed the carrot, it probably won’t grow. wasn’t clear from what you said.

    if you have an abundance of tomatoes, consider setting away 1 day and making a big batch of sauce to can. or freeze. really easy.

  3. Whether to bring in your new transplants on not depends on how low your night time temp gets. Not knowing anything about Dallas weather I cannot comment on your carrot questions. You may wish to contact your local cooperative extension for information and fact sheets.

  4. Anna

    You don’t have to plant the full carrot. You can cut about an inch or 2 from the top (where the ‘stem’ is) and place that in the soil, and you should be able to grow carrot from that small piece. So when you purchase carrots, just cut off the top parts and stick them in the soil (they should grow), and enjoy the rest.


  5. Your busy busy busy with all your planting . The Barbara Kingsolver book is indeed very good. Another similar read that I adore is “This Organic Life – Confessions of a Surburban Homesteader” by Joan Dye Gussow.

  6. I like that – your “kitchen farm”. 🙂 You are indeed busy. Good luck with all your seedlings, I hope you grow more tomatoes than you know what to do with!

  7. Personally, I would prefer to just buy plants from a local garden center. That way you can select the healthiest looking plants. If you grow your own you are stuck with the results. For me, the reason to start your own plants is to be able to grow varieties you can’t find locally. At any rate, it is rewarding to start your own transplants, so enjoy the season. I’m a bit behind you (like, months).

  8. I just looked at your weather forecast and see temperatures between 70 & 50. The plants can go outside, and they should go into the sun, but do it gradually, like for hardening off. Only an hour of sun the first day, then add another hour each day. Just remember they will dry out faster in the sun. I’m more concerned with your overnight temperature and recommend bringing them inside. Although the plants will tolerate 50 degrees they will be happier inside where it is warmer. Also, inside, they won’t be visited by night feeding insects. Just watch out you don’t bring the bugs in with the plants.

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