WWW Wednesday 3-13-13

WWW Wednesday. This meme is from shouldbereading.

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

• What are you currently reading?

I feel absolutely decadent. I’m propped up in bed with a hot cup of tea reading. The Magicians and Mrs. Quent by Galen Beckett has been on my TBR pile for years.

quent kindle bed

What I’m Reading This Morning

I spied the lovely cover and snatched it up and bought it when my Kindle was fairly new, and I never managed to make myself actually read the book because it was a print book and not on my Kindle. I’ve come to the conclusion that such decisions were largely made because I find the adjustable font-size on my Kindle so much easier on my eyes, but at that time all I knew was that any time I picked up a print book I put it down quickly and went back to the Kindle.

You’ll also see my current Kindle on the bed (linked above–the Kindle Touch). It’s my second. The reason you might not recognize it is because it’s in a leather cover. This makes me purr with happiness. The feel of it is much like an expensive old book and it totally satisfies any desire I have to hold something weightier or more lush or more “real” than an electronic device. Plus, it’s so beautiful. Verso makes many beautiful covers but is a bit pricier than you have to go. There are some great covers for 9.99.

I’m also working in bed. I have notes I made in my Moleskine. Gotta get to work on the current novel, which has me more excited than I can even express. But enough of this, back to what I’m reading. I’m really, really enjoying The Magicians and Mrs Quent. I can’t imagine this book sitting on my shelf looking pretty all these years while I ignore it.  I am now waiting for Mr Rafferdy to discover that he is a magician, which I am sure he must be. (I hope.)

“You do read nicely, Miss Lockwell,” Lady Marsdel said one evening. “You have no impulse to insert your own comments or observations. You are content to defer to the wisdom of the author at choosing the best words. Quite unlike Mr Rafferdy, who turns everything into a comedy. You cannot trust him at all when he reads. He once tried to convince me that a book of famous members of Assembly contained an entire chapter pertaining to monkeys.”

“Well, if it didn’t, it should have,” Mr Rafferdy said to Miss Lockwell in a conspiratorial tone.

I am totally crushy on Mr Rafferdy. I’m glad to know this trilogy is already complete so I can keep reading without waiting for the rest to get written. I also will be keeping this book in my library. It’s pretty and thoroughly enjoyable. Two good reasons to call it a keeper instead of culling it out. It totally fits in with my desire to only have books I really, really like on my physical library shelves, not every book that I’ve ever managed to drag into the house. I no longer keep books just because they are (gasp) books.

penumbraI’m also listening to Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. I’ve seen it all over WWW Wednesday and now I know why. So far, loving it. A weird cult of code-breakers (that is not Google) and wonderfully quirky genius coding-chick (who does work for Google) and a 24-Hour Book Store that is very, very strange… that is a piss-poor description but it’s the best I can do right now. Quirky, smart, fun.

And I’m also reading a book by Katharine Kerr that is not yet available for you to read. ~taunts you~

• What did you recently finish reading?

eleven pipersI mentioned this one before, Eleven Pipers Piping: A Father Christmas Mystery by C C Benison. It’s the second in the series, and I really am enjoying them. This time it’s Burns Night and there is such a blizzard coming down, half the participants have bailed out. They are left with eleven pipers, Tom Christmas (the local vicar) and an unexpected stranger with ties to the village from the distant past. All the elements needed for a murder and a mystery. Benison does an excellent job of characterization and clues, and is particularly deft at having Tom seem like not only a real dad and a real man but a real vicar with all that entails–and yet the books are never religious or even about religion. An interesting touch is that he’s raising his young daughter as Jewish, to respect her preference which reflects his late wife’s wishes.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

No idea. No freaking idea.

Paisely Vandermeir requests the pleasure of your presence.

What about you? What have you been reading lately? Put the link to your WWW Wednesday entry in comments, or just tell me!

I’m keeping a running total of my reading challenges–the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge (see banner at the bottom of the right sidebar) and my own challenge, the Embarrassment of Riches Challenge. The January wrap-up is here and here is the February Wrap-Up!





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7 responses to “WWW Wednesday 3-13-13

  1. I have The Magician’s and Mrs. Quent and book 2 on my TBR too! I have been looking at the pretty cover and contemplating cracking it…you have convinced me to move it up and put it in the running.
    Mr. Penumbra’s…that sounds fascinating. I know I have heard about it, but didn’t really stop to think about it. Going on the find it list! Good stuff! LOVE your leather kindle cover. Might have to splurge 🙂

  2. Ooooh! All 3 will go on my TBR. Actually I’ve read so many reviews of Mr. Penumbra…it sounds intriguing. Will have to read it soon 🙂

    And like Elisa…I’m salivating over that leather cover 🙂

    • This cover has been my guh-worthy-treat since I got the reader and may be one reason I’m in no hurry to replace it with a paperwhite or fire!

  3. denise

    I finished the book by Susan Mallery–spelled her last name incorrectly last week–started one by Stephanie Laurens. Met with my friend, an author/reviewer, today and she gave me 5 new books today. TBR just increased. No idea what I will read next. I need to catch up on last’s year’s pile. Oh, and I have a ton of ebooks, too.

    too many books, so little time, but I love reading! and writing!

  4. I think Mr. Penumbra is going to be my next read!

  5. Evi

    Interesting discussion. I ptrety much stay with the following e-book pricing scale:.99 for short stories2.99 for short novels (15K 40k) and anthologies4.99 for novels (40K+)I see no need right now to go over 4.99 (though I do think 5.99 is fair for novels 120k +) I think books have always been cheaper per word than music if you calculate the cost per word, but then books are a different medium and you tend to take longer to read them (depending on your reading speed, of course). And what about comic books or graphic novels? Do you pay per panel or per word or a combination of both?I agree with J. Tanner, books are not something you will read over and over and over each day. I know people who play a song over and over until they literally wear the vinyl out (sorry, for the pre-digital reference. It’s an age thing. *grin*) So for some people they will listen to the song far more times than they will read a book. I’m not a math person so you’ll have to figure the cost per word for this out on your own.Fun discussion which I’m sure will be going on for years to come.

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