WWW Wednesday 3-6-13

WWW Wednesday. This meme is from shouldbereading.

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

• What are you currently reading?

eleven pipersI mentioned this one before, Eleven Pipers Piping: A Father Christmas Mystery by C C Benison since it’s a library book and the clock is ticking. I got a notice this morning that in three days it returns to the library automagically. If you’re wondering how this works, I’ll tell you how it works with my Kindle and Overdrive, the system my library uses.  I go to my library’s website and choose a book or books. Sometimes I have to get on a waiting list. This time I did.  Eventually I get an email telling me that it’s my turn, the book is now available.

I go back to the library site and my account and click the appropriate things to tell it yes, I’m ready for it. And it downloads via Amazon, just like any other book from Kindle, most of the time. It comes through wifi. And 21 days later it disappears automatically, too. No late fees EVER.

But three days before it disappears I get a reminder like this:

Your digital library book will expire in 3 days. If you purchase Eleven Pipers Piping: A Father Christmas Mystery from the Kindle Store or borrow it again from your local library, all of your notes and highlights will be preserved.

That makes it easy to buy the book if I decide I want it. It means that if I did highlight and make notes they will still remain if I buy it and keep it. And it means I now need to finish it pronto, which in this case is not a problem. It’s a good book, easy read, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Occasionally there are books that for some reason require me to download to my computer instead, then drag and drop them into my Kindle’s document folder. No big deal. And yes, at the end of 21 days the book can’t be read any more, even though it’s technically on my computer and Kindle. I have no idea how that works.

• What did you recently finish reading?

marigold hotelI think The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach must be a relatively short book. I know it’s a very fast, easy read, and I liked that about it. I look forward to seeing the movie and comparing it to the book. From what I can tell, there are some significant differences, the kind of changes they’d have to make to make the movie be the kind of story it is. This doesn’t bother me at all. As much as I liked this book, it’s not a book that I got so attached to, I’ll be angry that they actually dared change something. (Hmm, those sound like famous last words. Stay tuned for rant when I see movie and get mortally offended that they Changed Something.)

bonesofavalonI also listened to The Bones of Avalon by Phil Rickman. I’ve been listening to the Merrily Watkins series by the same author and I do love them. I’m also very annoyed that for some reason Book Five, The Lamp of the Wicked, isn’t available as an audiobook so I can’t keep going with them without switching media and I usually don’t like to do that. For some reason several more of the series are available as audiobooks, but they aren’t in sequence. I guess it’s time to shift over to the Kindle for them, but I hate losing a series that I really enjoy listening to. I’ve got to have something to keep me entertained when I’m doing housework, y’know.

Oh. But Bones of Avalon. Stellar book, a mystery set in the time of Elizabeth I that involves Dr Dee, Glastonbury Abbey and King Arthur. And lots, lots more. Rickman really does know how to turn a phrase. That’s the one benefit of shifting to reading–I may actually remember to share some of them with you. The only one I recall (sort of) right now was “a vague smile settled like mist over her face.” Or something similar. I’ll do better next time.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

Two more library books are ticking away in my Kindle. I think I’m not in the mood for Gone Girl. I also liked The Apothecary’s Daughter enough to check Maid of Fairbourne Hall out of the library, but am not sure whether I really want to read it right this minute or not. So I may end up letting both of those go back while I read other things.

patterson you know who I amI also bought two books for my Kindle that happen to be by friends, and I’m wanting to read them both. Will one of them be next? As you can tell, I’m very much dictated by “what am I in the mood to read this very minute?” which means I have books I’ve been dying to read for a year or longer that haven’t managed to be the right book at the right moment yet, so yeah, no guarantees but I might choose this fun mystery by Diane Patterson.

thechalicebilyeauOr I may read The Chalice, a book I’ve been waiting for ever since I finished The Crown last year.  Watch the trailer. It’s very dramatic and I really love it a lot. Another Tudor mystery. I seem to be reading a lot of them. Well, hardly surprising. I almost wrote one, but chose Regency fantasy instead.


I haven’t been doing one thing I really intended to do–I haven’t been reading my actual hold-in-the-hand print books that are patiently waiting in my TBR stack. Okay, that settles it. One of them is next. Stay tuned next week to see which one.

Paisely Vandermeir requests the pleasure of your presence.

What about you? What have you been reading lately? Put the link to your WWW Wednesday entry in comments, or just tell me!

I’m keeping a running total of my reading challenges–the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge (see banner at the bottom of the right sidebar) and my own challenge, the Embarrassment of Riches Challenge. The January wrap-up is here and here is the February Wrap-Up!





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6 responses to “WWW Wednesday 3-6-13

  1. Good luck getting to a paper TBR book! I did so poorly with them last month that I am reading one now and must read one next too…except for the 3 library books I checked out. Hahaha, oh well.
    I haven’t figured out my library’s kindle lending library yet – I do like the idea of no late fees, but I am behind enough I think…

  2. I have to look up the Diane Patterson book, I could use a fun mystery.


    Trying to catch up on last year’s tbr,so I finished one Susan Mallory book and started another , not sure what’s next.

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