Embarrassment of Riches Challenge – February Check-In

Leave your February “Embarrassment of Riches” stats!  [I’ll post mine later, sorry, I suck, I didn’t have time to do this earlier.]



ECRTBR February reads:

Does starting a book on the TBR pile and deciding not to read it count? The  pile just got shorter, right? But I didn’t read it. Okay, so A Bride Most Begrudging doesn’t count. Why didn’t I read it? I explain why here. Short form: I realized it seems to break some rules that annoy me so much I didn’t want to use this book to form an opinion of Christian fiction.

But I did read a different book that had been on my Kindle for a very long time, another book I picked up free somewhere, The Apothecary’s Daughter by Julie Klassen.I liked it a lot. And it counts for both my challenges, historical and TBR. Two-fer!

I also read read 11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King. That was on my mental TBR list from the time I knew it was going to be published, and I bought it right before the end of 2012 just so it would make it on my official TBR list for this challenge. But does it count as historical? I guess it does, even though I was alive during this history. I am now officially old, right?

That’s only two books from the TBR pile this time.

As for the historical challenge, I also read The Notorious Atherton (to be published in July by Patricia Rice), and listened to Speaking from Among the Bones: A Flavia de Luce Novel by Alan Bradley (1950s England), Passions of a Wicked Earl by Lorraine Heath (not up to her usual standard), Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman (better than the previous one).

Current stats:

Embarrassment of Riches: 8/24

Bonus round for samples read: 1/50 (still, none this month but I added more samples, this is not quite the way it’s supposed to work?)

Historical: 8/? (I need to check my target. I don’t remember.)

I have yet to read actual PRINT books from my physical TBR pile. Must amend that. However, right now I have library books to read before they get turned in, and also a book to beta for a friend, so need to handle that stuff first!

Post your February stats in comments. Link back to your blog or goodreads or anywhere else you have it, if you want!

Leave your stats in comments, and/or use Mr Linky to link to your stats and reviews!



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14 responses to “Embarrassment of Riches Challenge – February Check-In

  1. I only have one more review to add this month which brings me to a total of 4 for the challenge. Got a little sidetracked this month — hopefully I’ll have more to add in March 🙂


    2 print books and 2 ebooks from last year–you’ve motivated me

  3. Kit Kerr

    I had a bad cold or flu or something for most of the month, so I got a lot of reading done! First, all 9 volumes of the Oxford UP edition of the complete Sherlock Holmes — okay, so they were very slim volumes, but I’ve had them for years. A nice thick one was the first volume of R.F. Fosters’ bio of William Butler Yeats. I’ve also had that for years. For something completely different, I finished Owen Davies’ GRIMOIRES: A History, a fairly recent purchase but definitely from the TBR pile. And finally, SCHOLASTIC MAGIC by Michael Swartz. I did get a little farther into Kevin Butler’s ROMAN SYRIA, a little. This is not exactly a thrilling read . . .

  4. I think I read ONE book from my TBR this month, only because my bookclub picked it after I forced it on them. Thought I STARTED one other one that has been gathering dust for years, so hopefully I can count it in March. I need to move it because I am at 8/50 or 16% with almost 17% of the year completed. Dang me and the new shiny books I can’t seem to resist. Such tough problems. 🙂

  5. It’s been a slow, slow month reading wise due to family emergencies. However, that said, I did read “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife” by Eben Alexander, M.D. A good read.

    And I’m still reading Stephen King’s 11/22/1963, which is still as good as when I started.

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  7. I couldn’t find a January Link-up, so I put my January and February books in this linky.

    I finished 4 books for January and 4 for February!

  8. Avid Series Reader

    I couldn’t find a March link-up, so I’ll add my March reviews here. It would be really helpful to have a link to the current review page in the sidebar (I’ve seen that for challenges on other book blogs).

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  12. Hello! I put 5 novels in this link group. This page was a bit wonky for me so I kept it short. I hope people browse and stumble upon our reviews, no matter the age. Yours Sincerley, Carolyn of ‘RIEDEL Fascination‘.

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