Harvest Monday 1-28-13

Harvest! Foods! On the table, even!

From the garden: some mustard greens (red and green), carrots (about as long as my fingers), some teensy broccoli heads (why do my broccoli plants only make teensy heads?) and some thyme.

And here the greens and one of the carrots are on the Resident Storm Chaser’s breakfast plate.

Scarlet Nantes carrots. Why don’t they have scarlet centers?

Yes, he eats veggies for breakfast. Weird? No, weird is naming veggies after pixie body parts.

Oh. Wait. Speaking of…

Where are my leprechaun brains?Fall/winter garden has been another “learning” experience.  I planted a number of brassicas. The brussels sprouts have done nothing. Where is the stalk that has little leprechaun brains on it? (That is why the Resident Storm Chaser called them to tempt the little nippers into eating them. Not that it worked, mind you. But I love that guy and now you know why.)

I love crunching down on leprechaun brains brussels sprouts that have been steamed lightly and then sauteed in butter and garlic, yum.

I don’t know if they are aware of their future and just aren’t going to grow for me this year or whether there is still time for them to pop up.  Anybody in North Texas know the score?

Orange-sized. And it doesn’t have the pointy-topped shape that the picture on the tag showed, yet. It’s still round.

But we can haz cauliflower! Romanesco and white. One of the Romanescos is the size of a large-ish orange. I’m watching it daily, trying to figure out when to harvest. The others are all the size of leprechaun brains brussels sprouts, oddly enough. And I’m not quite sure when to know it’s time to harvest, whether it’s possible that (like the damned broccoli) they may be tiny shrimpy things that need to be harvested now before they bloom or whether they will keep getting bigger. Advice? [These pics were taken with my iPod Touch and are glarey. I need to start using my camera again.]

And the cabbage may finally be ready to form heads. Not the red cabbage. It has just gone pffth! at me and is scraggly and doing nothing. But I have several green cabbages that may be forming heads now. Hard to tell from the picture but the very center seems to be getting smaller and tighter.

What’s going on in your garden? On your kitchen windowsill? Tell me in comments or give me a link to your harvest post. See other harvests at daphne’s dandelions!

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9 responses to “Harvest Monday 1-28-13

  1. I love leprechaun brains (I mean brussel sprouts) too! Your cauliflower and brussel sprout plant look beautiful. I never grow cauliflower as it is too tempermental of a grower and none of us love it enough to deal with it…. so I am not going to be able to jump in and offer any help on that.

    • Wait. It’s temperamental and yet it’s actually growing in my yard? Where it has been under snow and also in the 70s in the past month? I am agog!

  2. Broccoli heads always are that size for me. It’s all the side shoots that make it worth my while. 🙂

  3. Usually broccoli produces one big head at the top of the main stalk and then smaller side shoots. The size of the head and the quantity of side shoots both depend on the variety. When the main head is tiny that is called buttoning. Buttoning will happen when the plant is left in its pot too long before transplanting – it gives up and decides to bloom even though small and root bound. Broccoli will button when over crowded. Space at 18″. There are probably other causes – give it a google.

  4. From the photo, your cauliflower looks like it is ready to harvest. Beautiful cabbage plant, it will form fo you.

  5. denise

    I agree with Norma–the cauliflower is ready.

    love leprechaun brains , er brussel sprouts–I thought the were baby cabbages for the longest time–roasted and then a splash of balsamic vinegar. yum!

  6. I’m just completely hungry and jealous after viewing your fresh garden produce. During our winter months I am constantly graving fresh vegi’s from the garden. The only item I have available are my canned tomatoes which I use for spaghetti sauce.

    I just dowlnoaded the Scandalous and look forward to reading it.

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