The Powells 2012 Young Adult Mixtape

Actually it’s a sale and if you click the image it will take you to the Powells page where you can see more. But the main reason I’m posting it is because it’s a solid list of the top YA fiction in 2012. I’m sharing this list because there’s a chance you haven’t read any YA fiction lately and have wondered what the big deal is, why so many adults are reading it, why the best sellers are often on both adult and YA lists. Here is a sampling to explore.

[Full disclosure: I’m a partner with Powells and with Amazon and get a tiny amount of change if you click through from this site and purchase something. Eventually it adds up to a free book or two for me, but it’s not a big deal. I wanted to share the Powells link with you because Powells is everything a bricks and mortar book store should be, right down to knowing their merchandise and being able to point you in the right direction. They are many people’s preferred alternative to Amazon so if you want to avoid the big mega-beast, you definitely want to know about Powells.]

The Fault is in Our Stars–everybody and their freaking dog is raving about John Green and especially this book. I think it might be a tear-jerker?  I’m planning to read it, eventually. When I’m in the right mood.

Code Name Verity–another big book smash and this one grabs my imagination from the get go. WWII? I’m there. Two young women who are spies? I am so there.

The Raven Boys–lots of people reading and raving about it, and I’ve been entranced by the title and cover since I first saw it. I’m sure I’ll get to it.

Seraphina–I know nothing about it at all. But I do love that cover. Will definitely be looking into it.

The Edge of Nowhere–I have really liked Elizabeth George’s books, and now she’s writing YA? Yep, will at least look at it and see what it is and where it’s set. If it’s in the UK I’ll give it a shot.

Days of Blood and Starlight–I listened to the first audiobook in this Laini Taylor series and felt I’d have enjoyed it more if I’d read it instead. I’ll be downloading the beginning of this one to see what I think before buying.

Have you read any of them? Heard anything good or bad about them? Recommend any of them? Tell us more!




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4 responses to “The Powells 2012 Young Adult Mixtape

  1. I haven’t read any of them, but they are all on my to get at some point list! There is some wonderful YA out there, it is quite exciting.

  2. denise

    the only YA book I’ve read lately was THE PARK SERVICE by Ryan Winfield. I had read his first novel–SOUTH OF BIXBY BRIDGE– not YA, but very good. Semi- autobiographical. very real. the new one is post- apocalyptic from teen’s pov. reminded me a little of LOGAN’ S RUN. part one of a planned trilogy.

    I have them on kindle if you want to borrow either. He sent me autographed paperbacks after I wrote reviews. I really understood the character in SoBB because of family members’ substance abuse problems– he made me see them in a different light.

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