WWW Wednesday (01-02-13)

Happy new year!  Again, this meme is from shouldbereading.



To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?


• What are you currently reading?

I’m enjoying Twelve Drummers Drumming: A Mystery (Father Christmas Mysteries) Despite the title, it’s not a Christmas book, and it’s not particularly twee. It’s a cozy mystery set in an English village, the first in a series.  Tom Christmas is the new vicar whose wife was murdered in his Bristol, England parish. The countryside of Devon seems a safe place to bring his young daughter to heal and forget and move forward in their lives.

Of course it does.

I’m listening to the second in a romance series by an author new to me. This is an interesting premise, Between the Devil and Desire by Lorraine Heath. Since I just listened to the first in the series, I think I’ll skip ahead to the next question to describe them.




• What did you recently finish reading?

Imagine Fagin’s boys. You remember them–Oliver, the Artful Dodger? Well, now imagine that amongst them is a 14-year-old who, when about to be convicted of murder and hung, allows an old Duke to believe that the young thief and murderer is the Duke’s long lost grandson. Now, he’s the Duke with the sinister past, the one few in Society believed was truly the Duke’s blood, anyway. And yes, the Artful Dodger is in these books, too, all grown up. Lorraine Heath has captured my imagination with these characters, and the reader, Susan Ericksen, does an excellent job. She doesn’t attempt to deepen or growl a male voice, and thus doesn’t get in the way of my ability to just listen and enjoy with jarring accents or shrill tones. The first in the series, In Bed With the Devil.



• What do you think you’ll read next?

Since I’ve joined two reading challenges–the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge (see banner at the bottom of the right sidebar) and my own challenge, the Embarrassment of Riches Challenge (not too late to join that one, btw)–I’m going to choose a book that satisfies both. I’m not sure which one.  Maybe Votes for Vixens by Tara Chevrestt. Suffragettes, women’s rights, and a love story between Elizabeth and Margaret, it’ all intriguing and new ground for me.

The Book That Launched the Contest is Now for Sale

It’s here! The chance for you to win a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate for leaving an Amazon review of Scandalous (available at Book View Cafe, Amazon and now, at Kobo) before February 14. Details here.

What about you? What have you been reading lately? Put the link to your WWW Wednesday entry in comments, or just tell me!



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24 responses to “WWW Wednesday (01-02-13)

  1. They all sound great, especially the In Bed with the Devil! How was Rivers of London? I still need to get my hands on that one.

    • I loved it. I went ahead and bought the next two just so they’d be in my TBR pile for the challenge. I’m not sure that serves the purpose, but hey, they are now officially mine and waiting! I do want to get a map of greater London, though, just because.

  2. I’m reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman on my ereader, and This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz in hardcover.
    I just finished The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.

    Next, I’ll read Drown by Junot Diaz.

    I also have some non fiction in the mix going at all times, right now, Max’s Screenwriter Survival Guide, Marlow’s Make Your Story a Movie, and a stack of yoga books.

  3. Linda Furlet

    I’m reading Sally by Howard Fast.

    Next, I’ll read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.

  4. I’m reading “The Swerve,” by Stephen Greenblatt, a Pulitzer AND National Book Award winner. I am *loving* this book! Subtitled, “How the World Became Modern,” it tells how a quiet but profound “swerve” in civilization’s history occurred when, in the early 15th century, a book hunter named Poggio Bracciolini found a copy of a 500-yr-old poem, Lucretius’s “On the Nature of Things.” From the book’s blurb: “The story of how this astonishing poem would cause the world to swerve in a new direction is at once a supreme work of scholarship, a literary page-turner, and a thrilling testament to the power of the written word.”

    What did I just finish reading? Why, “Scandalous,” of course!

    Next? Probably “First Shift:Legacy, Part 6 of the Silo Series,” by Hugh Howey. Now this is interesting: it’s the prequel to “Wool: Omnibus” (a/k/a “Silo Series,”) but it is highly recommended that you read “Wool: Omnibus” FIRST, and THEN read the prequel. It will all make sense if you’ll read “Wool” first. Now here’s the other interesting thing: “Wool:Omnibus” was written in five parts, all put out by the author himself in ebook form. The series became so popular, so fast, that Hollywood came calling and it is now going to be made into at least one movie. I can hardly wait to catch up on the story because there will be more parts coming, the author promises. But for now, I’ll have to be satisfied with the prequel.

  5. Nay

    Twelve Drummers Drumming sounds like my kind of book. I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts about it when you’ve finished 🙂


  6. Thanks for dropping by my first ever WWW! 🙂
    The title of one your books definitely intrigued me as well – In Bed with the Devil. *lol* But I haven’t read any of them. Should check them out. 🙂

    • In Bed With the Devil was a good romance. The relationship was well-done and interesting, and the love scenes were strong–but they didn’t overwhelm the story. This was definitely a novel with some sex, not sex with a few scenes between.

  7. max

    I’m not currently reading anything, I just finished “Release Me” by J. Kenner, another Texas writer. It was quite book and a fun read — it’s also erotica so be warned just in case anyone who can’t do erotica is reading this post.

  8. A book called Twelve Drummers Drumming should be a Christmas read. That’s like THE most classic Christmas song. Though it does sound like an interesting read so I might have to check it out.

    My WWW Wednesday can be found here.

  9. Toni

    I am currently reading “The Longest Year, ” by Stan Crader. This is his 3rd book about a small town in Missouri and a band of boys growing up. Great for kids, teens and adults. A good Christian series. My favorite part is he donates all his profits to local charities. He’s a great guy and fun writer.

    I’m such a slow reader, so I’m not sure what I’ll read next, so I appreciate these great suggestions.

    • Small town is nice. I used to read all the Mitford books set in North Carolina. If you haven’t read them, you might check them out. Do you want to stick to Christian books or are you open to others?

  10. Lauri

    Charmed to Death (Shirley Damsgaard) in paper.
    2nd part of A Storm of Swords (George R.R. Martin) on cd for my daily commute. (This after I tried to move on to A Feast of Crows because I didn’t realize the third book was in two parts for audio. I started on book 4 and it took me a full disk to realize that yes, there was a reason why 5 major characters were now dead and I couldn’t figure out when the heck THAT happened)
    Likely will finish Brimstone (Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child) because I just came across it with a bookmark a third of the way through and have no idea why I didn’t finish it last month.

  11. Ash of Typing Tiara

    Definitely going to check out In Bed With the Devil, it sounds like something I would seriously love. :]

    My WWW Wednesday

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