Embarrassment of Riches TBR Reading Challenge 2013

If you’re like me, you have TBR (to be read) piles both physical and digital, tumbling over in all directions.



I intend to make a small dent in my TBR pile this year, beginning with challenging myself to read 24 (gasp!) this year. Yes, I originally said 12, but I’m trying to push myself, and it’s not as if it should be a chore. I acquired the darned things because I wanted to read them, right? Right!

So here we go.  Since I’m so last-minute with this I will allow people to sign up through January 8, though the challenge begins January 1.

RULES: To be considered a TBR book, you must own it prior to Jan 1, 2013. The book can count toward other challenges, as well. It can be fiction or nonfiction, poetry or play, audiobook–as long as it is a book. This is not a picky challenge–just about reading the riches we already own.

On the last day of each month I will post an entry where you can say how many TBRs you read that month, titles, and whether you liked them or not. Full-blown reviews not required. You can list them in comments or link back to your own blog or page where they are listed.

At the end of the year I will have pretty badges for all levels, and if I haven’t learned to create them by myself, hopefully somebody else will make them for me.

There are five levels of accomplishment (and a bonus challenge) in the Embarrassment of Riches TBR Reading Challenge.

Copper:  Read 6 TBR books between Jan 1 and Dec 31 2013.

Bronze: Read 12 TBR books between Jan 1 and Dec 31 2013.

Silver: Read 24 TBR books between Jan 1 and Dec 31 2013

Gold: Read 36 TBR books between Jan 1 and Dec 31 2013.

Platinum: Read 50 TBR books between Jan 1 and Dec 31 2013.

Bonus Challenge! The same levels are also available for digital samples. If you are like me, you also have a quizillion samples you’ve downloaded onto your e-reader. Culling through samples and deciding whether to keep reading or not is a separate challenge with all five levels and the same year-end prize–a special badge.

So, are you in?  And have I left anything out? I’ve never done this before, so let me know if I need to adjust anything or add anything!  Use Mister Linky to link to your blog or wherever you might announce your participation in this challenge, and leave a comment below to say which will be your goal for 2013. You will get the appropriate badge/prize for whatever you read, whether you come in under or over your goal.

Snag a badge above and post on your blog if you have one!

Ready, set, go!

January 31st check-in.

February 28th check-in.

March 31st check-in.

April 30 check-in.

May 31 check-in.



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123 responses to “Embarrassment of Riches TBR Reading Challenge 2013

  1. I’m aiming for the Silver TBR Challenge and the Platinum Sample Challenge!

  2. Jen Greyson

    So excited about this!! I’m shooting for gold on the TBR and Platinum for the samples (of which I’m hoping a hunch will end up as TBRs)

  3. Gama Martinez

    I’ll shoot for silver

  4. Ann

    Hey, what a great idea! I’m committing to 24 actual BOOKS (Kindle is extra). I’ll have to start a new pile for books I buy AFTER 1/1/13 (to work on next year)!

  5. Going for platinum+ – something has to be done with my bookshelves! They are out of control! 🙂 I love the name of the challenge by the way.

  6. Linda Furlet

    I’m in! I’ll aim for the gold. Pretty much, these will all be on Kindle, since I really don’t buy “real” books any more. I’m ashamed at how many books I have waiting to be read on the Kindle.

  7. I will be brave and go for the silver! I have a huge stack of TBR books that needs to be tackled.

  8. I’m shooting for a silver… but I’m counting on your to remind me! I kind of went a little overboard this last year on snagging free ebooks on Amazon. There are over 2000 on my eReader. I need to start reading before I’m buried in little kilobytes!

  9. Lauri

    I want to go for the platinum but I’ll have to see if I really have that many TBR books currently in my possession. I generally read two to three books a week so I don’t always have a huge buildup… it’s more trying to keep myself supplied with reading material.

    • I have bought a number of books during the holidays that were cheap, and have downloaded a number of free classics without reading them, so I definitely have the backlog.

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  11. I’m in, too! What the heck, if I shoot for the moon, I’ll end up among the stars, so I’m shooting for platinum. At the very least, I’ll end up with a bronze. Hopefully, though, I’ll end up somewhere higher. Thanks for the inspiration, Pooks!

  12. I always aim high so I will go for platinum. I’ve already signed up for another challenge to read 5 books in January so I will make sure they are all from my TBR list. That will get me off to a flying start … not sure how much writing I’ll get done in 2013 now!!

  13. Okay, I’m in! Most of what I’ve got is non-fiction, though, so we’ll see how far I get with the heavy stuff.

  14. I plan to shoot for the copper level, but hope I actually read a lot more!

  15. Pretty sure I’ll hit gold on this challenge.

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  17. Looking around, I do have a few books that I’ve never read – not so many as some people because I tend to buy books AFTER I’ve read them. I probably have enough books around to make the Silver Level tho’.

    • I buy books after I read them, too. Once I figure out how much I like a book, I often want to own it–in hardcover (if I read a battered paperback), or in print if it was Kindle or audio or library.

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  19. Thank you for hosting. I submitted my link to my progress page. The link for the announcement is http://cmashlovestoread.com/2012/12/30/2013-challenges-4/

  20. denise

    I can guarantee at least 12, we’ll see how I do over the course of the year…Game on!

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  24. Platinum all the way! Go big, or go home. Thanks for hosting!

  25. Going for silver! But hope to read more 🙂

  26. An admirable objective this challenge is. My TBR pile is positively huge, so this will be some incentive to thin out the herd. No goal, I’m just going to keep reading and see how far I get.

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  28. Eva North

    I’m in…I’ve got lots of books, both physical & digital that r preowned, so lets start the new year right.

  29. Going for platinum on main and bonus challenges. Looking forward to clearing out shelves and inbox!

  30. I am going to start off trying for the copper and see how it goes.

  31. I NEED this challenge! Thanks for hosting it. I am shooting for the Silver Badge in both the regular and bonus challenges.

  32. This is wonderful! I’m in! Thanks for hosting this and including samples too!

  33. I’m going for Platinum! Thanks so much for hosting

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  35. I’m shooting for Bronze. Thanks for hosting!

  36. AnnaLizard

    I’ll go for the Bronze challenge this time. What a great idea!

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  38. Kim

    Hello! I just found this challenge and it is exactly what I was looking for. I am in at the Copper level, and feel the need to get off the computer, put off cleaning the bathrooms and just go curl up with my book!

  39. Signed up for Silver but I’m gunning for the Gold!! Looking forward to serving up some serious nonfiction!!

  40. Hi! Will there be a link up at the beginning of each month so we can link up as we finish the books?

  41. Mr. Linky seems to be down for maintenance, so I’ll try back later to officially sign-up, but I am going for GOLD! My aim is to complete all the other challenges I’ve joined this year with books from my TBR pile, so I’m very hopeful I’ll reach my goal for this challenge, and buy less books this year 🙂

  42. Ruth

    I’m just sneaking in at the last moment before it closes, I saw this on a friends blog and was looking for one more reading challenge. I’m signing on for the bronze medal

  43. I am signing up for the Bronze challenge. I look forward to making a dent in my TBR pile. I saw this challenge on Ruth’s blog.

  44. This sounds like fun. I am signing up for Platinum.

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  46. Am I too late to sign up for this challenge? I love the idea! Embarrassment of Riches is exactly right. I’ll aim for platinum.

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  48. Oh, can I please still sign up for this? It’s 1/11 and I just found you through Ruth’s Little Leprechaun’s. If you can’t allow it I understand but felt I needed to ask. I started this by myself this year as I have so many books I have bought over the years.
    I even cleaned out 1 bookcase and it is for “keepers” and hopefully I won’t fill it up because then something in it will have to go or I could just buy the digital edition. LOL!
    I would go for the gold if I was in it as I have so many books and I’m hoping to move and the last time it was all books! Even the movers commented on how cheaply I could have moved if it weren’t for all my books! LOL! I hope you’ll let me join but even if I can’t, I still feel like I’ve “come home” finding your blog! I post on my blog when I’ve read something and give a review. Great idea!!!!

  49. I was able to sign up! PTL! I said I would go for the “gold” and when I re-read your reqs I realized there was no “gold”! Ha! Ha!
    So, Platinum it is! I’m so happy I could still sign up!! Yippee!!!

    • I do have gold, but platinum is fine, too! And I’m glad you signed up. I’m not a stickler and I don’t know how these things are usually done–if people are picky or not. But hey, welcome!

  50. Wow — this could really save my shelves (and possibly my sanity)!

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  53. Thanks for hosting! This is my first year joining your challenge. I just shared your challenge on my blog. I hope you’ll stop by for a visit! 🙂

  54. I have signed up for this challenge and one other. This is my first year. Hope I can do more next year. Thanks.

  55. Thank you Pooks for the challenge. I have a really long list of nooks and ebooks, hoping to win a Platinum badge for myself (though my list has more than 70 books in it). BTW I couldn’t find the reviews link. Could please you help me on that?

  56. I will be attempting the bronze level. I already set 12 books for my goal for 2013 at GoodReads. I’m reading a very long book right now so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t find a lot of time to read. I want to make a more conscientious effort this year.

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  61. Hi, this is a very interesting challenge. May still join?

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  63. I could not link by post. – the linky said it has expired.
    So I am adding it here. http://www.biblefascination.com/reading-challenges-for-2103/

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  72. Darlene

    I have the hardest time trying to find the review linky for this challenge. Can you please link it either to your sidebar or to this challenge post so that we can find it? thanks

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