Harvest Monday (12-17-12)

Freeze kind of liquified my lettuces, despite the fact that they were covered.

It tried to get the carrots, but for the most part, the carrot tops survived. I went ahead and pulled some, and they are very small.  I replanted some, but don’t know if they will keep growing. Time will tell.

I decided that since they were so young and small, I’d just cook in butter and let them caramelize a bit.

They were yum.

The Book That Launched the Contest is Now for Sale

If you read romance novels or know somebody who does, I’d love you to buy my new romance, Scandalous. (How is that for subtle?) Okay, I’ll be even more direct. It’s available on Amazon and Kobo and at Book View Cafe!


See other harvests at daphne’s dandelions!



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9 responses to “Harvest Monday (12-17-12)

  1. Those carrots look delicious, especially with the manner in which you prepared them! Will have to check out your book.

  2. Liquified lettuce doesn’t sound so good, but carrots caramelized in butter sounds really yummy!

  3. Glad I have my lettuce in windowboxes and bring them into the garage at night for protection not just from the cold but from the deer. I don’t think I would like liquified lettuce.

  4. denise

    carrots looked yummy!

  5. One of my favorite ways to cook carrots, especially the baby thinnings, now made better with the addition of ginger — brilliant!

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