Harvest Monday (December 10, 2012)

It is currently 32 degrees outside with a snow flurry. This Texas girl LOVES the cold and snow! It happens so rarely in Dallas.

But this is the first year I have crops to protect.

Oh noes!

Oh yes.

The Book That Launched the Contest is Now for Sale

First, a shot from last week, when I didn’t post to this site because I was busy with the Out of Paisley’s Closet Contest, and by the way, if you read romance novels or know somebody who does, I’d love you to buy my new romance, Scandalous. (How is that for subtle?) Okay, I’ll be even more direct. It’s available on Amazon and Kobo (available later today) and at Book View Cafe!

Right. Last week. Check out the lettuces and the greens and such. Pretty! (I wish I were in the mood for salads because seriously, I have some gorgeous lettuce varieties.)

And here I am having harvested a few handfuls of mustard greens. And oh by the way people, have you ever eaten a raw mustard green? Do they always have an after-bite that is hotter than Hades in July? Whoa! That’s some fierce stuff.

Yesterday I harvested a carrot and a radish.  The carrot is itty bitty.  I am leaving them in longer, hoping they’ll grow bigger. But it was cute.

Also, the broccoli confuses me.  It makes little bitty heads and then blooms, so if I don’t pick the little bitty head fast, I have nothing but blooming broccoli.  I don’t know if this is weather-related or what.  But this is it, the big harvest of December 9, 2012.  I could have picked a lot of lettuce and a hefty amount of greens but didn’t.  So yeah, this is it. The harvest.

The carrot is oranger than that. I used my iPod Touch to take the picture so it’s kind of wonky.

But I am a good farmer. I protect my crops.

See my vegetable beds? Tucked in snug as a bug in a rug.

Let it snow!

See other harvests at daphne’s dandelions!



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8 responses to “Harvest Monday (December 10, 2012)

  1. Pretty and yummy! I don’t get enough sun for a winter crop of veggies, though we did manage to grow broccoli one year – the bees REALLY love broccoli flowers. 🙂

  2. Ha! Yes, mustard greens do bite! I prefer them as baby greens thrown in with a mix of other greens so they surprise me form time to time as I enjoy my meal but don’t torture me constantly 😉

  3. It is rather the irony of season extension that even though we’ve been able to keep our salad greens going, it’s too cold to want to eat them! Good job on covering your beds!

    • So I’m not the only one? Glad to know that. I’m thinking broccoli bits and baby carrots might go into a salad, since there’s not much else to do with those broccs.

  4. Keep letting the broccoli grow. You’ll end up with more side shoots than you ever would have in the main head anyway! As for the mustards some are more mild than others but those look like some of the hotter ones. You could just grind them and use them as wasabi. :-0
    Nice harvest.

  5. denise

    yes, those mustard greens can be bitter…you have a different climate down there, so my tips probably wouldn’t help–we’d never have broccoli this late, then again with global warming, that could all change.


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