Entry #12 — Katniss Vera!

Okay, the beauty of this for me has been how many times I’ve had to dig around the internet or ask mutual friends or follow rabbit trails to verify that a picture is really what the person entering claims it to be. Yes, Snape is really a woman. No, this is not a real fashion model shoot that somebody is pretending is them. Etc.

And today, our last official entry, is one more time I just flat out had to be convinced.

Because this, people, is Vera.

This is Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

Here is what Vera said about the costume in the movie and how she adapted it for her own use.

Do you wonder why I doubted at first that her picture was a real cosplay and not just an image from the movie?

I didn’t figure you would.

The book that launched my contest.

Contest rules.

The Book That Launched the Contest is Now for Sale

ETA: We have a winner, and she is HERE.

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Entry #12.



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