More costume entries are coming, but first–the winner!

I first asked Gail Carriger if she’d judge this little contest. She is so very wise. She said no thank you.

[Okay, before I go any further, I must make this point. If you love retro fashion, you seriously should be following Gail’s retrorack, where I found Paisley’s gorgeous pink suit.  And if you love wacky, Victorian-vampire-werewolf-steampunk novels, you seriously should be reading Gail’s The Parasol Protectorate series, as I have told you before. Victorian lady with parasol kills vampire in first scene because he had the nerve to attempt to bite her before they’d been formally introduced. Yes, I knew that would get you. The nerve!]

Gail cosplays and wears retro fashion and would be a superb judge but she is also way too smart to say yes to such a thing.

And I learned from that and decided to make it a drawing.

Using, I drew:

Yes, the winner is Entry #9, Madame Quamara! Now she just needs to tell me what kind of gift certificate she wants, where she wants to spend the money!

Even though I could never isolate a single entry as the best, I think we can all agree this one is certainly worthy!

I have two more entries to post. Thank you all for joining in the fun, and making this such a delight to do. I am amazed and overwhelmed at the creativity and skill and talent you’ve shared!

Paisley would so approve.

PS As always, I will eventually be having a drawing for an Amazon gift certificate for one lucky reviewer on Amazon.  That won’t be until sometime next year, and I’ll announce details then, but I wanted you to know that all reviews will be eligible.

Contest rules were here, along with links to all entries, updated as entries go up.






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5 responses to “More costume entries are coming, but first–the winner!

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  5. denise

    even though it was random, her period dress is so accurate for its period–and beautiful to boot! congrats!

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