Entry #9 — Our Winner, Madame Quamara!

Madame De Pompadour lives. Holy cow. I mean, really!

If you people keep this up, I swear, I am going to take up sewing just to join the fun.

Believe me, that would not be pretty.

But oh, wow, this blows me away!

Thank you, Quamara, for entering and sharing this beauty!

I’m trying to track you down to award your prize. Please contact me via this website, planetpooks at gmail.

Contest rules.

The Book That Launched the Contest is Now for Sale



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Entry #2

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Entry #6

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Entry #8.

Entry #9.

Entry #10.

Entry #11.

Entry #12.



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9 responses to “Entry #9 — Our Winner, Madame Quamara!

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  2. Piper

    This dress is fabulous! And you look gorgeous! The only way to out do this is to add a three foot tall white wig with full sized roses all over it. And possibly a live parrot…. or a model sailing ship… …

  3. That is an amazing dress! You would need a whole closet just to keep it in good condition too! Now I have both dress and closet envy! Beautiful.
    You have gotten some amazing entries! These folks have some fun outfits. 🙂

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  5. denise

    wow! Marie Antoinette would be jealous

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