Entry #7 — Authoress Cindy!

I say authoress because that’s how Bette Midler referred to herself when she wrote her first book and put on her authoress hat, and Cindy’s various looks all say “eccentric and fun authoress” to me! With or without a hat!

First, even though he isn’t an official entry, I must include Mr Cindy, who wears a fine kilt. The dynamic duo that plays together stays together!

At a library appearance, Cindy donned leather.

And finally, the prize of the lot–Steampunk Papes! Check out those gorgeous, nifty pistols! (Oh, and yet another kilt!)

I want to step into that picture and go exploring the neighborhood. I would take the Resident Storm Chaser along, of course, because a lady alone wouldn’t be proper. And we’d have to get our own nifty spiffy pistols. And oh, wait, he would have to wear a kilt, too! And–and–

Sorry. You’re still here? Ahem. Enjoy exploring the contest entries below!

Contest rules.

Entry #1.

Entry #2.

Entry #3.

Entry #4.

Entry #5.

Entry #6.

Entry #8.

Entry #9.





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