Entry #6 — A Clown Named Cherry!

Yes, this is Cherry. She is a clown. She is a clown for the Dallas Children’s Medical Center Parade, and that happens to be–

Wait for it.

December 1st which is THIS FREAKING SATURDAY!!@!

So you are going to buy a ticket, aren’t you?<—click here!!!

You’re going to support this fabulous hospital (where Cherry also works) and sick children and their families.

And heck, go to the parade if you’re local! Take your kids! Take somebody else’s kids! (Ask permission first, though. Cause, really.)


Do it.

[Oh yes and she is my sister; can’t you see the resemblance?]

[That is a trick question.]


Contest rules.

Entry #1.

Entry #2.

Entry #3.

Entry #4.

Entry #5.

Entry #7.

Entry #8.

Entry #9.



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