WWW Wednesday (November 28, 2012)

I’ve been reading a lot but not keeping up with WWW Wednesday. So I thought today was a great day to stick my toe back in the water. Hey, if you haven’t done this before, why don’t you? It’s a great day to start, too! Hosted by shouldbereading, as always.

And even though I have always made my WWW posts all pretty like she does before, this time I won’t, just to show that it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated.

1) What am I reading?

I’m finishing Grave Mercy and mama mia, is this a fabulous, fabulous book.  Assassin nuns. Poison and daggers and garrotes, oh my! With a bit of romancey stuff and lots of kick-ass adventure. I’m really loving this and am glad it’s the first in a trilogy. Ismae rocks. Here’s my suggestion. Read the opening two or three pages and if that doesn’t grab you, move on. Because it has a great opening.

Also, I’m listening to Daughter of Smoke & , another kick-ass heroine in a solid story. This time it’s contemporary rather than historical, and in Prague rather than Brittany, but the world is fascinating with monsters and hot guys, ooh la la.

2) What did I finish reading?

The second book in a romance series, Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage. A lot of people love this book. I listened to it in audio and am not sure if I would have liked it better had I read it, instead. We were introduced to Lady Isabella and Mac in The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie, knew they loved each other but were estranged after a short marriage. So this was their book where we found out what had happened to break them up. My reaction was, you know? I’d have rather read a book about their relationship from the beginning and experienced it with them–because it was actually some interesting stuff going on. But instead, we see them six years later trying to get things back together and having trust issues and, meh. I felt the distance of time dimmed my emotional connection to what was happening.

I also read Little 15, “a dark tale of first love,” by a local Dallas author, Stephanie Saye. Lauren is a 15-year-old basketball star who ends up having an affair with her coach, a married guy with kids, more than twice her age. The book explores the reasons why Lauren would be vulnerable to such a situation and does so in a compelling way. If that sounds like your cuppa tea, check it out.  It’s a tough little book that  was banned from a literary event once the powers that be actually read it and realized what it was about. Cowards.

3. What will I read next?

As usual, I have no idea. I may finally get around to reading some of the books I’ve been claiming I’m going to read (and wanting to read) over the past few months.  But since next week my book SCANDALOUS will be available for sale, I hope it will show up on your lists! Watch this space for more info and the big cover reveal. (Yes, I’m holding back on the cover so that when you see it and are WOWED by it, you can immediately “click” and buy! Because I am helpful like that.)

Finally, not an official entry in my “Out of Paisley’s Closet” Contest, but shall we say an official exhibition? How about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders like you’ve never seen them before–in costume! The longer you watch, the better it gets. Have fun!





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12 responses to “WWW Wednesday (November 28, 2012)

  1. Pooks! Oh Mi Gosh! I’m honored that you included Little 15 in your WWW post! And I love that you dubbed it a “tough little book.” You rock, my friend …

  2. I am excited to get my hands on Daughter of Smoke & Bone, I have heard nothing but good things about it. Good luck with your release next week, exciting!!! -e

  3. Izz

    Me too much prefer romance with the hero and heroine have known each other from the beginning not reunited romance stories.
    thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

    • In this case, the descriptions of their early relationship felt like a tease. It sounded like all sorts of angsty goodness, which I love reading from time to time. Only in the past tense, seeing that they had clearly gotten their acts together, it just felt less intense.

  4. Fay

    Sounds like you had an interesting book week – it will be nice to see what you read next week – a surprise!!

    Those cheerleaders are a little scary at first!

  5. oddsandbookbobs

    Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage looks great, I’m a big lover of past relationship fiction and finding out why a relationship broke apart.

    Great choices!

    Thanks for commenting on my WWW 🙂

  6. denise

    Just read Scandalous and loved it!

  7. I’ve had ‘Daughters of Smoke and Bone’ on my shelf for such a long time, it’s ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve seen a bad review of it yet but I just never seem to get round to picking it up! I really *must* get to it soon – thanks for the reminder!

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