Entry #4 — Steampunk Robyn!

We are getting some great steampunk pics here on planetpooks, and I’m loving it!

This crimson hottie is a world traveler, can’t you tell? Enough skirt to be ladylike if forced to; enough trousers to kick arse if necessary!

I am getting tempted into lunacy.

Exactly how hard is it to sew, anyway?

Contest rules.

Entry #1.

Entry #2.

Entry #3.

Entry #5.

Entry #6.

Entry #7.

Entry #8.

Entry #9.



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11 responses to “Entry #4 — Steampunk Robyn!

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  7. Hee heeTakes me back to the dark days of my teenage years when I spent far too much money on Warhammer 40,000 berfoe realising that I was more interested int eh background fiction and modelling/painting than in actually playing the game.

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