Entry from Droxy!

So, I get this email from somebody named droxy, verify it with a mutual friend, and this one will blow your mind. This is one serious cosplayer and I’m absolutely thrilled to share her art.

Yes, it is a she.

THIS is droxy as Severus Snape in various guises. (Evidently he survived the Close Encounter of a Nagini Kind and is sometimes passing as a Muggle these days.)

Biker Snape


He evidently shows up at formal occasions dressed the part. Again, if it’s black, he wears it?

And yes, he still has his wizard threads.

And finally, in case you’re wondering if I made a mistake when I said she/her up above–this is what I confirmed with the friend.

This is what droxy looks like when she’s Bellatrix Lestrange.

Thanks so much for entering! This is amazing to see, and I love getting to share it!

The contest rules.

Entry #1.

Entry #3.

Entry #4.

Entry #5.

Entry #6.

Entry #7.

Entry #8.

Entry #9.





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