The "Out of Paisley's Closet" Contest

Paisley “wears” a cigarette holder the way other women wear diamonds.

I wish I could give away something out of Paisley’s closet.

Heck, I wish I even owned something out of Paisley’s closet.

In SCANDALOUS, my new ebook release from Book View Cafe, Paisley is emptying her closet… one memory at a time.

“The contents of the closet drew him. He pulled the chain that switched on the overhead light, and jewel-toned colors glowed from within plastic coverings. Pinks, reds, yellows, oranges—every color of the spectrum in what must be a lifetime collection of couturier fashion. A very long lifetime. He ran his hand down the row of dresses, and a very special one caught his eye…”

But that comes later.

Today I’m announcing a contest in the spirit of Paisley’s closet.

Since she uses clothes as armor and would rather appear costumed than “ordinary,” I’m hosting a contest for all the free spirits who like to play dress up.

Here’s a chance for you to flaunt your inner diva, demon, anime character, historical period or design statement.

It’s time to play dress up, peeps!

Send me a link to a picture I can share, or send me the picture so I can post it. Contest ends midnight December 4, the day that Scandalous is once again for sale–this time as an ebook. I will announce the winner Dec 5, to be determined by a drawing.


Send me a pic of you dressed up (see above) that I can show on my blog. Post the link in comments here or email me: planetpooks (at) gmail (dot) com.

I will draw numbers to determine the winner.


A copy of the book Scandalous (.mobi or .epub, your choice) and a $25 gift certificate to the book store or fabric store of your choice, as long as I can actually purchase it online! Amazon? Book View Cafe? Book Depository? Powell’s? Joann’s? Hancock’s? Hobby Lobby? If I can get the certificate online, you can win it!

Okay, let’s have some fun here!  Ready? Set? GO!

The Book That Launched the Contest is Now for Sale


ETA:  We have a winner, and she is HERE.

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry #5.

Entry #6

Entry #7.

Entry #8.

Entry #9.

Entry #10.

Entry #11.

Entry #12.





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40 responses to “The "Out of Paisley's Closet" Contest

  1. I’m going to have to figure out which of my awesome costumes to send! (Or maybe all?)

  2. Droxy

    I get that you want me to actually dress like a gal? I have costumes. Oh, yes I do. The trouble is what photos to pick!

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  4. Lauri

    Hopefully this works.

  5. denise

    wish I had something to enter 🙂

  6. Robyn Smith

    Hope this works! It should be my first steampunk attempt… of course everyone thought I was Amelia Earhart.

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  13. Piper

    Narcissa Malfoy looks down on the rest of the world… again…

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  17. Pat Shriver

    I just noticed the deadline! I’ve been meaning to enter Maryssa.

    /Users/patshriver/Desktop/Maryssa – Diwali.JPG

    Her roommate is of Indian descent and Maryssa has been hanging out w/ the Indian Student Association. She was the only blond in the Diwali Festival fashion show last month.

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  19. Lisa J

    Me, bein’ Asian all over the internet.
    Karaginu mo: full Imperial Japanese court dress:

    Nara period Japanese:

    Men’s casual Imperial bling:

    Broken fan motif uwagi with dip-dyed kosode:

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