Getting Toasted

The Resident Storm Chaser and I noticed that the toasters we used in the UK seemed superior to the ones we’ve had in the US. They seemed to be more reliably adjusted to make the proper degree of “toastiness” than the one we have now, for sure.

We saw a very expensive English toaster for sale at Williams Sonoma a few years ago and wondered if the English toasters were known for being superior. English friends, what do you say about this? Other friends, what toaster do you have, and do you like it?

This isn’t the same one but it’s a brand I don’t recall seeing in the US so I’m using it for illustration. Isn’t this clever, being able to actually see the toastiness for yourself? Oh, look. You can get it at Williams Sonoma. How nifty. And it appears that you can toast thick things in it, too, if you check out the baguettes, or whatever that toasted bread is. Very nice. Very expensive.

Morphy Richards is a brand I find in the UK that I haven’t seen in the US, but these days I’m not sure what that means, whether it’s really different from what we might find here, or whether they are all made in the same factory in China, sigh.

However, in my googling around I found this fabulous thing–a Morphy Richards toaster from the 1980s that is in the Science Museum! How cool is that? [This also points out to me that we have never been to the Science Museum, even though we stayed in a Kensington hotel last time we were in London. We went to the Natural History Museum, though, which was very cool and in the area.]

And this is a brand I find available in the UK, Williams Sonoma, and even on Amazon. Breville. Never heard of it before. Have you?  I suppose I need to read a gazillion reviews and see what I can figure out about all of these toasters and see if you get what you pay for, or if there are cheap to moderately priced toasters that will be just as good. But I do like hearing experiences from people I know (hint-hint).

Our toaster is an inexpensive Rival. Every time I change types of bread I have to figure out all over again where to set the dial because the same setting will produce warm untoasted bread (sourdough from Whole Foods Market, for example) and burnt bread with another (whole wheat from the supermarket). Typically, I end up toasting things twice. When it pops up the first time the bread is barely toasted. I flip it over and push down again, and either manually stop it when I think it smells ready, or if experience has taught me it’s safe, let it stay down the whole time.  This is pretty much a pain in the arse.

So tell me, peeps. What kind of toaster do you have? Do you hate it/love it? Do you recommend it highly or are toasters a big “meh” for you and you really have never given it any thought?


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  1. denise

    I bought the cuisinart 4-slice last year because it got a great review from consumer reports–love it! has lots of settings and options. had to replace mine because it had gray water damage from an in-house flood.

    those English toasters look cool.

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