More on building my library.

My Kindle has freed me from the weight of way too many books.

I know, I know, you can’t have too many books.  But I did. I was drowning in books I hadn’t read but had accumulated because they looked interesting, and only kept accumulating more.

Not pretty books, like these, arranged artfully by the folks at, either.

My Kindle gave me an unexpected benefit in psychic energy and financial sense.

I now download free samples because they look interesting. Those are free. When I eventually get around to reading the beginning of the book I either delete because I’m not interested or buy because I’m ready to read it at that moment. I am not sure this has saved me money because I am reading more than I used to (oh, that portable Kindle!) and am buying a lot of ebooks.  But at least the books I’m buying are books I am actually reading.

Which gets me to the psychic energy.  Where does that term come from, anyway? Psychic energy? I think maybe I made it up and it doesn’t mean what I think it means. But whatever.  I unexpectedly found myself getting rid of boxes and boxes of books that were just around in case I ever got around to reading them, but sometimes had been around for decades.  I found myself getting rid of books I’d read once and honestly probably would never read again.  I found myself emptying my crowded spaces and clearing the air and floor and suddenly seeing bookshelves as places to be filled with things I loved instead of “stuff I just happen to have.”  So yeah, I’m still spending money on books here, too. But I love this. It’s a new hobby, accumulating (in hardcover when possible, and seeking out the covers I like best when possible) books that I want to possess and caress.

And yes, appearance matters.

I will never spend money only on appearance (oops, I said “never” which is the surest way to suddenly do the opposite) but today‘s hautelook vintage collection tempted me. Fortunately I have no hundreds of dollars needing to be spent on nonsense today so am not that tempted.

Still. For your visual enjoyment, and inspiration.  I’m not going into detail individually.  Some are pretty foreign books. Most are rebound books that are 10-20 years old, described as “classic English titles.”  Patent leather, cow hair/hide, vistas and skylines. Enjoy!


Fortunately I have some pretty books–old books–that I own already because they were my grandparents’ or a close friend of the family’s or… you know, other reasons to keep them than only the shallow. Some, even because I have read them and love them! Yeah, what a concept!

Do you have any books you hold onto just because they look pretty on a table or shelf?



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2 responses to “More on building my library.

  1. I am still like you were – hanging onto books I might possibly read, because I have had them hanging about for so long, I couldn’t possibly give up on them now…but new shiny books keep arriving, because I have a problem or something. 🙂 Someday I will get rid of the ones I won’t possibly touch. But I have to work up to that. But I have been thinking about it, which means it might have to happen soon. It is way out of control!
    However, I see an old book that is in lovely condition and yes, I am tempted to grab it because it is pretty and sounds good and will look great on my shelf – part of that problem I guess.

    • I’ve finally come to terms with the idea that “looks pretty” is a good reason for me to keep a book or even buy a book. Shallow perhaps, but I’d put a pretty ornament on a shelf or table, why not a book?

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