Thumbing our nose at book-banning on BVC.

It’s Banned Books Week.  Last year I posted about a banned book every day all week long.  This year I’m joining the other authors at Book View Cafe in our own nose-thumbing exercise. There will be blog entries all week long. Also, we’re posting pictures of ourselves reading banned books.

Join us. Post your picture on your blog. On twitter. On facebook. Let’s get this party started.

So many banned books on my favorites shelf. So little time.

Erotica author Marissa Day writes about “50 Shades of Burning Books,” the burning of 50 Shades of Grey.

Science Fiction/Fantasy author Sherwood Smith writes about the history of book-burning in “Put Her In the Fire!”

And our photo meme is launched on facebook.

“Nothing comes between me and my Mark Twain…”

I’ll be posting links all week.  Join us. Have fun. Thumb your nose at book-banning!




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8 responses to “Thumbing our nose at book-banning on BVC.

  1. denise

    In high school, I had a button pin on my jean jacket that said: “I read banned books”. I’m pretty sure I still have it. I have my mom’s copy of Peyton Place that I stole and read in the 80’s–very tame by today’s standards.

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  4. Thoughts like those you mention make me glad I’m out of the USA.I love the new NABLOPOMO Badge and am a bit jeouals that I’m not participating…but the timing just isn’t right.Glad to see you back on your blog though. Sometimes a little NABLOPOMO is all it takes!

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